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23/04/10 illumiNaughty 4th Bday "ReWired":Talamasca~Rinkadink~Liquid Ross~ MANCHESTER

Forums Rave Parties Illuminaughty 23/04/10 illumiNaughty 4th Bday "ReWired":Talamasca~Rinkadink~Liquid Ross~ MANCHESTER

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  • For all you Goblins who live amongst the far distant lands of the North. Here are some useful train times to help you plan your night of chaos.

    Liverpool Lime street– Journey duration 45mins to 1h 15mins

    Last train on Friday:
    Run approx. every 20-30 mins last one leaves at 22.30 and gets to Manchester for 23.14

    First train on Saturday:
    And from 7 onwards every 10-20mins

    Leeds– Journey duration 1hr

    Last train on Friday:
    Runs approx. every 30 mins last one leaves at 21.40 and gets to Manchester for 22.48

    First train on Saturday:
    And runs approx. every 30mins

    Sheffield– Journey duration 1hr to 1hr 15 mins (there’s also one that takes 1.43)

    Last train on Friday:
    Runs approx. every 20 mins last one leaves at 22.11 and gets to Manchester for 23.16

    First train on Saturday:
    And runs approx. every 30mins

    For a chance to WIN a bundle of illumiNaughty treasure including TICKETS FOR DANCE OR DIE, check out Index of / REGISTER and enter the COMPETITION! Just answer a couple of questions and you could not only be the winner of tickets for you and a mate to join us for this night of dance, debauchery and delight, but also be the proud owner of our new design T-SHIRT and bundle of CD’s!! AMAZING!

    Love n Chaos,

    illumiNaughty xx


    CRASH RECORDS 35 The Headrow LS1 6PU 0113 243 6743 Leeds

    JUMBO RECORDS 5-6 Saint Johns Centre LS2 8LQ 0113 245 5570 Leeds

    DR HERMAN’S 59 Church Street M4 1PD 0161 834 1130[/FONT][FONT=&quot]‎[/FONT][FONT=&quot] Manchester

    DAYDREAMS Afflecks Palace-Oldham Street M1 1JG Manchester

    AFTABS NEWSAGENT Opal Gardens Manchester

    LLOYDS NEWSAGENT Fallowfield-Owens Park Manchester

    CYBERDOG Afflecks Palace-Oldham Stre[/FONT][FONT=&quot]et M1 1JG 0161 833 2177 Manchester

    DR HERMAN’S 84A Bold Street L1 4HR[/FONT][FONT=&quot]‎[/FONT][FONT=&quot] 0151 709 8392[/FONT][FONT=&quot]‎[/FONT][FONT=&quot] Liverpoo[/FONT][FONT=&quot]l[/FONT]

    If you missed our first ever venture outside of the M60 across to the wonderful city of Leeds and Stinky’s Peephouse then have no fear the photos are now uploaded on our website and our facebook page for you to oogle to your hearts desire!!

    The illumiNaughty image gallery

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    Feel free to leave comments and cause general mischief.


    YouTube – Talamasca – Aries

    Watch N Enjoy!!!

    Cant help but find it amusing that The RITZ in Manchester hosts nights like this lol

    @1984 380172 wrote:

    Cant help but find it amusing that The RITZ in Manchester hosts nights like this lol

    Makes all the more enjoyable 😉

    @illumiNaughty 380180 wrote:

    Makes all the more enjoyable 😉

    Will there be tea and cake? if so I am totally sold on the idea!

    This is gonna be amazing!! dont miss it!!

    YouTube – Illuminaughty 3rd birthday


    psy psy psy trance

    only two days to go!!! cant wait! Rinkadinkraaa

    Hello people!!
    Last News from GOBLIN FM 😛

    We released another 100 E-Tickets (£12.40) yesterday. There are about 40 left so make sure you grab one.
    11:00am // 22-4-10 // DEADLINE for advanced tickets!!!


    Its tomorow night!! not long to go!!!!

    Well Holy Moly illumiNaughtiest you beautiful bunch of maniacs, after extinguishing the smoke from our heels and readjusting our brains to normality, where exactly shall we start!?!

    Thank you barely says enough, but for now will have to do :: THANK YOU SO SO MUCH :: to everyone who came down on Fri and made our playground of pandemonium possible. Without our crowd we’d be nothing and it’s to you guys that we owe our eternal gratitude.

    After promising an escapade of extreme electronic proportions we never expected such an immense display of energy, enthusiasm and ecstaticness. ReWired looked fit to burst with an astoundingly up-for-it crowd, who once again proved themselves to be the loudest, liveliest and loveliest revellers in Manchester. People came from all over the UK and Europe, defying elemental chaos and airport turmoil, just to bust a groove at the Ritz’s and party on down with our hyper gaggle of Goblins. After hijacking their own TV Station, running amuck in the city centre, pilfering the Mancunion suburbs of their television sets and creating an army of Cyborg Beauties the critters truly out did themselves! Flares were set off, lasers beam sliced through the smoke, multiple screens flashed and flickered, feet pounded and many a mind was lost to the superb sonic assault engineered by Talamasca, RinkaDink, Kristian, Liquid Ross, Gregg Zogg, Mazieg, Mark Day and Draven. To all these most splendid beat weavers :: WE SALUTE YOU!!

    For anybody unfortunate enough to have missed out on this most excellent adventure here is a little slice of the action :: the video below was captured, filmed and edited by the Goblin Gang themselves and used as visuals for our first Media Mash-Up. Accompanied by a smoking hot militia of Mechanised Cyborgs (Ultra Violet Violence) it was the first of two performances seeking to disrupt and distort the natural order of TV land and boy did it go down a treat!!!


    illumiNaughty opening to 4th birthday

    Thank you again to all our loyal followers and a massive welcome to those who had their cherries popped, the feedback this time has been extraordinarily positive and after watching snippets of raw footage we gauged just how banging things really were!!!

    Our next flight of fancy will lift off on June 5th when illuminaughty returns triumphantly to its birthplace The Zoo, for a one off event of pure animal indulgence. Keep your peepers peeled for more visual stimuli of ReWired appearing on the website this week and if you have any pics, comments or party anecdotes of your own drop us a line on our facebook page or at

    As Always, Now More Than Ever

    Love ‘N Chaos






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Forums Rave Parties Illuminaughty 23/04/10 illumiNaughty 4th Bday "ReWired":Talamasca~Rinkadink~Liquid Ross~ MANCHESTER