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  • hey hey..whats this a new party, yummy, have just been talking to my mates they tell me they got hold of somthing called 2c i, ive never heard of it and they said they got it of a guy from manchester up 4 the weekend(im in edinburgh) they told me its the best pill theyve ever taken like a really strong bzz lasting for ages but they were also tripping like they just fizzed 3-4 tabs after hearing this my 1st words were (u got any more) but no they havnt they paid 30 quid for 4, anyways if any one has any info bout this pill,like where i can get some and if it xists, and anyone seeing it at freepartys,dont hestitate to reply,cos at mo im stuck with either smacky pills or speedys pills, both sux specially when ur a fan of the trip.


    Haven’t heard of 2ci but cti’s are pretty good ‘trippers’. A little bit like acid but every time i’ve had one ive ended up pissing myself laffing for hours! Usually go for around 7 quid.

    2ci is a lot of fun, get it if you have a chance. I have been paying around £8 but i imgine thats very expensive. I have just moved from brighton to bristol, it was easily avaliable in brighton but I have yet to find anyone from bristol that has heard of it. I think it must be quite a recent thing, theres very little on the net about it.

    Sounds good – will try them if i get the chance! Just had the maddest weekend on good ole acid tho!

    2Ci’s ahhh yes. can only be described as combination of acid and E. if you fancy an evening (as i did) of not being able to pick yourself up off club toilet floor for laughing so hard. hours of entertainment as you attempt to buy drinks from bar in most “coherant” manner, whilst thinking all coins resemble pieces of cardboard money,asking for a can of “rod stewart” (unbeknown to us, was actually “red stripe”) and helping your mate find her jumper (which she happens to be wearing) then 2Ci’s are for you. combined with a little laughing gass (to be bought by the ballon at certain drug enhanced silliness, enlcined clubs) 2Ci’s make for a very silly, very laughable, pretty trippy evening indeed.
    each drug “experience” is unique to the user and to the drug taken, so be carefull, but enjoyed in suitable surroundings with watchfull eye of mate,its all good fun.but be warned…u might lose yer jumper! and yer cheeks will hurt from laughing so much in morning. well…at least mine did.






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