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  • Never did pcp but I’ve heard some wild stories and this seems a bit tamer although the grandfather part is pretty heavy.

    Have you tried 3-meo-pce?

    I’ve tried 3-MeO-2-oxo-PCE which is normally known as MXE (orgasmic) but then thereis 2-oxo-PCE which was the replacement which came on the market after MXE was banned in most of the world. The 2-oxo-PCE was more potent, very similar but had vastly diminishing returns. A very new derivative of ths is about to be released, I’ll check up what it it….

    BTW, I found this to be very potent From reports almost all substitutions sound reasonably similar i activity, from 5-meo, 4-meo, 3meo, and even the hydroxy substitutions but having never tried most of them I have to rely on anecdotal reports. This is far more psychedelic than any other arylcyclohexylamine I’ve ever tried though, but not so much in a good way. In a way more stimulating than others in the class, way more….

    I should have known you’d tried them all, you’re a connoisseur after all.

    I try my best lol. Have not tried so much recently unfortunately. The O-PCE was the closest thing to my favourite arylcyclohexylamine ever, MXE. OMFG I miss that stuff. The O-PCE was mre potent with doses around 15mg compared to MXEs 30ishmg but the O-PCE had greater diminishing returns.

    Anything good seems to get banned pretty quickly, and then disappears.

    Sadly you are correct. MXE was fantastic and the story behind its inception was interesting to. A British soldier had his arm blown off in war and the two things that relived his pain were cannabis and ketamine, so he spent some time and designed the molecule, had a British NPS vendor have it synthesised and presto, MXE was born.

    That is awesome, I had no idea.

    There’s an interview with the chap here. I thought he lost his arm but was his hand during an IRA bombing in London.






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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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Forums Drugs Ketamine 3-MeO-PCP