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  • Not ketamine, and maybe if Dr B sees this he will rename this subforum to arylcyclohexylamines to seem more inclusive to this family of drugs, but this is the most recent member of this family I have tried.

    According to the literature this, as with 4-MeO and 5-MeO-PCP are very similar in activity to PCP but having never tried PCP I can’t personally comment on that aspect but after practical investigation of this compoundit is definitely the most potent of the arylcyclohexylamines I’ve had the pleasure to imbibe.

    Product comes as a white crystaline powder. After hearing, reading and seeing the effects of smoked PCP this is much more preferable as dipping cigarettes into a liquid of questionable purity is in no way an accurate way of dosing and I’m fucking certain that shit sold in Philly doesn’t undergo GC/MS nor NMR testing to determine quality.

    Knowing from my research that this compound is very close in activity to PCP itself made me approach this compound with great caution so after allergy testing with around 1mg I VERY slowly ramped up the dosage to 5mg then 10mg to 15mg and between 10 and 15mg was where effects became noticeable. At 10mg I thought the distinction between activity and placebo was too fine but at 15mg snorted there was a definite effect. Reasonably mild but unquestionably active, change in mood and slightly energised however it was between 20 and 40mg that the effects became very pronounced.

    At 20mg there were no real psychedelic effects to speak of but my mood had noticeably changed and a degree of euphoria washed over me but this came with a slight feeling of power, similar I guess to the way people describe cocaine use. At around 30mg distortion of reality was becoming apparent and the feeling of power was increasing to almost a feeling of invincibility, whcih, while enjoyable, also brought slight trepidation as my mind was fully functional and I believe rational and the extreme, purported, effects of smoked PCP were in the back of my mind. This did not stop me going higher though.

    At 40mg hallucinogenic effects were fully apparent but not in any way like a traditional psychedelic and quite unlike any other arylcyclohexylamine I’ve used before. There were no awesome colours nor geometric patterns nor strange beautiful creatures as with tradition psychedelics. It brought with it a memory of my grandfather, who died when I was around 5 years old. Not only could I see him clearly but I even heard his voice which reduced me to tears, a very bittersweet memory. Bitter because he is gone and even today I miss him greatly but sweet as this was the closest I had or ever will get to him again.

    I am really in two minds about this compound as while enjoyable, it is plainly obvious that pushing the dose will result in psychological issues that can potentially be raised both during, and after, can be challenging and in a way that no traditional psychedelic I’ve ever used comes close to and the aforementioned feeling of invincibility could undoubtedly cause during interactions with others.

    Never did pcp but I’ve heard some wild stories and this seems a bit tamer although the grandfather part is pretty heavy.

    Have you tried 3-meo-pce?

    I’ve tried 3-MeO-2-oxo-PCE which is normally known as MXE (orgasmic) but then thereis 2-oxo-PCE which was the replacement which came on the market after MXE was banned in most of the world. The 2-oxo-PCE was more potent, very similar but had vastly diminishing returns. A very new derivative of ths is about to be released, I’ll check up what it it….

    BTW, I found this to be very potent From reports almost all substitutions sound reasonably similar i activity, from 5-meo, 4-meo, 3meo, and even the hydroxy substitutions but having never tried most of them I have to rely on anecdotal reports. This is far more psychedelic than any other arylcyclohexylamine I’ve ever tried though, but not so much in a good way. In a way more stimulating than others in the class, way more….

    I should have known you’d tried them all, you’re a connoisseur after all.

    I try my best lol. Have not tried so much recently unfortunately. The O-PCE was the closest thing to my favourite arylcyclohexylamine ever, MXE. OMFG I miss that stuff. The O-PCE was mre potent with doses around 15mg compared to MXEs 30ishmg but the O-PCE had greater diminishing returns.

    Anything good seems to get banned pretty quickly, and then disappears.

    Sadly you are correct. MXE was fantastic and the story behind its inception was interesting to. A British soldier had his arm blown off in war and the two things that relived his pain were cannabis and ketamine, so he spent some time and designed the molecule, had a British NPS vendor have it synthesised and presto, MXE was born.

    That is awesome, I had no idea.

    There’s an interview with the chap here. I thought he lost his arm but was his hand during an IRA bombing in London.






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