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  • Any1 interested in making a documentary ?

    Any1 have any spare tech equipment to lend ??

    Any1 want to give interviews , opinions on scene blah blah or collect footage from their parties for me to mix in to a documentary ??

    I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while (it’s on the to do list ) , and am just looking for feedback for the idea at present .

    I was thinking about calling it two thousand and free , and presenting a balanced documentary on the various issues affecting freeparties , interviewing landowners partygoers and party organisers and collecting some of the more bizzare footage from free parties .

    The ultimate aim would be a screening on Channel 4 at some point toward the end of the year and could be a real awareness raiser for general joe public , which could in turn change their attitude toward free party culture , or at least let them see it from our side anyway.

    It’s just an idea in it’s infancy at present , but if i get the right feedback and enough folk are interested or willing to help out , then i’d like to do it .

    link 2 discussion

    Great idea,in theory at least.
    I for one would like to see a balanced view of party culture,instead of the somewhat stereotypical crack head/k head/thief ruining decent folks sleep of a weekend.
    However,i suspect than a good few of the good people who make parties possible would not like to be associated with rigs/areas in a program that was going to be shown on tv.The old overground/underground argument.
    I would suggest that it could be put onto video/cd or maybe downloadable,but that kind of cuts off some of the target audience.

    me & a friend are heavily gettin into making films at the moment and me and some other mates are hoping to put on a party and were thinking of doing a film followin its progression from the planning to the party, if we ever get anything i’ll let you know, my email is peace brother






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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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Forums Life Politics, Media & Current Events A Free Party Documentary