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  • alrite chaps

    goin to Amsterdam at the end of the month for a few dayz. I aven’t been for bout 10 years and need guidance. Want to do it on the cheap but cheerful. wiv me bird. any accommodation tips (double), places to go – aint a massive puff ead so wanta see sum stuff ta remember. nice food places sex shops museums etc. Most important – a place to rave it up. hope ya all had a good NYE – we went to a old nite club in Yeovil wot were der other parties like?

    p.s u can get return flights for between £20-40 at mo on easyjet!

    The Bulldog & Grasshopper are over-priced tourist attractions… not proper Dutch chill coffe sjops. Try a moonlit canal-boat run.. very romantic for 2.

    Uhmmm…. if you’re looking for squat-life real-raves, head towards Hilversum, Eindhoven or Nijmegen. All very UK-friendly and happy to help… if you can find the right people of course.

    Waterloo Plein is a good market in Amsterdam and open most days.

    Try heading away from the centre streets and getting “lost”. It’s where you find the best little haunts.

    Oh, and try the fallafel!!! 😀

    I’ve heard that the clubs are really fucking hard to get into and that you have to wear ponces clothes like dress pants and polished shoes to get in. I’m a girl – and I’ve been told that my usual clubbing gear of short skirts, fishnets, tank tops etc isn’t upmarket enough to get into the likes of Escape and Paradiso. I’ve only been told this recently and I had booked the long weekend for me and my boyf with clubbing, good E and good times in mind. This has pissed on my parade a bit cos it sounds like we won’t get in anywhere! My fellas fucked if he’s going to go out and buy new “dress pants” just to get into a club.

    Please tell me that I’ve been misinformed and that u got in without a problem in your jeans!!!

    Also any advice on scoring good pills would be much appreciated, as would any tips on caning it in Amsterdam.


    Amsterdam can be a bit poncey. But heh you really don’t want to go the Escape, it’s a f*cking sad venue. If you can tolerate trance [the only real “underground” music dance scene in Amsterdam at the moment], have a look at the following URL for party venues…

    ps: Personally I’d recommend the ‘9 Lives of Hoffman’ 60th aniversary of acid party. The organisers are a very sound bunch and their party are always full on!

    A mate of mine works in Eindhoven,home of The Acid Junkies,and theres something of a techno scene there,might be worth having a look here

    thanks lads

    And just round the corner from the Bulldog Coffeeshop is a club called the Melkweg, probably the biggest and most well known in Amsterdam… they’ve probably got website address but i don’t know it… you could try there, i’ve heard it’s an alright club…

    Have wikid fun anyway, i loved it there myself…

    When I went to the Dam in feb it was hard to find any nightlife, well dance culture anyway. There was alot of flyers for hip’hop around but we were looking for D’n’B. Quite frankly it ain’t happening. When I was there we stayed at hotel/coffeeshop utopia they were really sound. Sold nice weed at good prices. I think its best to smoke resin because its fucking the nicest high ever and fully clean’n’tasty. The hydro is just as good as hydro in england if u have a good dealer.

    I never got any e’s even though I wanted them. It all seemed like a scam, dealers employed a immigrants to look out for police and every no and then the dutch word for police would be shouted down all streets in the RLD. Fucking dodgy. You get used to people whispering all sorts in your ear like “coca” “e”. IT can get annoying and if anyone confronts you asking money just shout loudly at them and cause a scene- they will run off.

    Go to hotel utopia then behind there is a street with a shop which sells fresh mushrooms and there is a fucking nice veggie resturant there.

    People are really judgemental as well, some bloke came up to us in the street and told us he hated us english people. People assume cos your english you drink lager/ beat ppl up and start wars.

    I recommend eating mushrooms and visiting the van gogh musuem. It does get boring going around coffee shops so make sure you visit landmarks and watch out for trams. If i was going again the 1st thing id do is hire a bike it would be so fun.


    For those of you enjoying breaks and beats, there’s the Advanced parties either in club020 (renewed interior is better than the last one, but personnel could be better) or in Amuse (which is across the Melkweg, a smallish venue ideally suited for smaller events).

    Also worth checking is the Mazzo (on the Rozengracht), a small venue that had a drum and bass night on Fridays, but that changes regularly, so best check beforehand.

    Would any one b up for a Mass trip to Amsterdam. Late this summer . . .
    You know u want to! ! ! !

    I’m there in the beginning of July (stopping over on the way to Full Moon), can’t really afford 2 trips! 😀

    i’m spending august in sweden (2 hours on the train to copenhagen if i get bored chilling by the lake :weee: )

    but i reckon i’ll be broke after that

    and my favourite cafe is no more 🙁

    wish i could dude, looks like i am not able to go to the dam this year cause of all my dj bookings.

    I won’t arrive into London until late September, but after that I’d love to travel to Amsterdam!






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