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  • It’s official! The Jedi religion exists. Over 400,000 people call themselves Jedis in the UK. (According to the 2001 Census).

    The next stage is to call all Free Parties a Religious Event. (As religious persecution is illegal it would be illegal to stop a Jedi event!)

    Please copy, print and forward the following at all events:

    Good luck!

    Rites and Rituals
    of the
    Jedi Religion


    The Jedi Religion has finally been recognised in the United Kingdom. It’s followers now enjoy the right, established within law, to pursue the rites and rituals of this, the one true religion, without fear of persecution and without prohibition.

    The law of this land now stands to protect us and to protect our ways.


    Many newcomers to the Jedi Religion often ask me what are the basic Rites and Rituals of this religion. We see the truth of it’s ways, we wish to practice it, but we do not know where to begin.

    Inside this pamphlet you will find all the information you need to know.

    ‘May the Force be With You’

    1 Basic Beliefs
    2 Basic Form of Worship

    1 Basic Beliefs

    Jediism, the way of the Jedi, is in many ways an ancient religion.

    It’s basic beliefs are very similar to those expressed by Pantheists and Animists throughout the ages and throughout the world. Many of these beliefs are also found within the major world religions – such as Christianity and Islam.

    What are those beliefs?

    In their simplest form they can be listed as follows:

    · Respect the Earth
    · Respect all living things
    · Respect yourself

    Respect the Earth

    It is not possible to live today without causing some harm to the environment. However much we may not wish to – we all use things like Petrol, Plastics and eat crops from poorly managed farms.

    Jediism does not expect this to stop.

    The aim of Jediism is merely to do as little harm to the environment as you possible can. And, at all times, to bear this aim in mind.

    Whatever you do, wherever and whenever you do it – try not to harm the environment any more than you absolutely need to. Always try your best.

    Respect All Living Things

    The basic belief can, in part, be summed up as follows: Do unto others as you would be done by.

    In other words, to give a current example, if you would not like to have your mobile phone stolen – do not steal someone elses!

    But we also go further.

    Jedi’s must also Help others whenever they have it in their power to do so.

    Jediism also extends this respect to ALL living things.

    Jediism does not ask – nor does it expect – it’s followers and adherents to be Vegetarian. (Or Vegan). If they wish to be, then that is fine. But if they wish to eat meat, that is fine as well. Only there is one proviso: if at all possible, and whenever possible, if you eat meat, you must eat meat from a Free-Range and/or Organic source.

    In this way, as many peoples have throughout the history of the world, you respect ALL living things.

    Respect Yourself

    In some ways this is the simplest Belief of all.

    If you Respect the Earth and if you Respect All Living Things then you Respect Yourself: You are doing no wrong and you are beyond reproach.

    I suppose, in one sense, Respect Yourself is therefore the most basic of all Jedi beliefs.

    2 Basic Form of Worship

    There are two forms. Both of which must be practiced.

    · Live the life of a Jedi (see beliefs as outlined above)
    · Celebrate the Earth

    Celebrate the Earth

    We harm the environment every day. It is because of the way we live.
    In order to make good some of that harm it is absolutely essential – a bounden duty upon all individuals concerned – to celebrate the earth with music and dance and art.

    We may not be able to return non-renewable resources to the Earth – but in dance and music and with other arts we return our spirits to the Earth and restore it’s health with the love that we give.

    Any music, any dance and any form of art will suffice.

    So long as it is pursued in the Jedi spirit.

    Most specifically, however, the Jedi must worship outdoors.

    Their worship must be marked with numerous banners upon which the word JEDI is emblazoned.

    Any outdoor event which so displays these signs and where at least some there are aware of the beliefs of Jedi – any such event is a religious ceremony. Sacred to the Jedi.

    Prepared by GDB Sept 2002
    On behalf of the JEDI.

    🙂 Nice one






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