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  • Here’s a copy of an Email I received with some info on another anti-war protest.


    Don’t normally use this list for anything other than Barras updates but this
    is a strange time!

    For those of you that know me you will be aware that I served as a soldier
    in the last Gulf War and I was proud to be part of the liberation of Kuwait!

    That was then and some 12 years later I have become disillusioned with what
    I see as a UK Government oblivious to the fact that the total lack of
    credible evidence suggests Iraq poses no real threat to world peace and a
    government who would rather side with a megalomaniac Bush, than listen to
    its own public.

    I know we can’t all be brave enough to protest march, lobby or take part in
    day-long strikes etc but I truly believe that if we all give 5 brief minutes
    of our time at 11 am Wednesday 5th of March 2003 we can make a massive
    statement to Tony Blair! Please put 11 am Wed 5th Mar 2003 in your diaries

    It is a really simple idea; go to the link below and print out the flyer,
    then at 11 am Wed 5th Mar 2003 stop what you are doing for 5 minutes, go out
    into the street or to the nearest window and throw this flyer down to show
    your disgust at this needless war!

    Click for flyer

    The date I have chosen is poignant, on the 5th of March 1945 in the home of
    Human Rights at the Hague Holland, RAF Bombers killed 511 innocent civilians
    believing they were bombing Dresden. Please don’t lets us make this mistake
    again and please use the power of the internet to get this message to
    everyone in UK and let us hope we can be heard, just for 5 minutes!

    Aye Yours







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Forums Life Politics, Media & Current Events Anti War Flyer Protest!!!