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  • I am an 18 year old shortly moving to Oxford University. I wonder whether there is any body here who might be able to give me an introduction to the scene and the people. Dont take this as a newbie message – it is only that my fun and games have always been in a far away land where the rules are quite different, i need to know how it works over here.

    Many thanks.

    hi – welcome to the UK! Britain is known for good parties; although it may take a bit of work to find the best ones. ..

    First of all apologies if this message is a bit “vague” – but in Britain there has been a big crackdown on unlicensed parties recently particularly in the Oxford / Thames Valley area so I will not give out “restricted” details that would help the authorities to close down parties. Also the names and people in sound systems change quickly as some leave the scene and new people join so its not much good just putting up numbers here if they are out of date!

    I think the best way for you would be to settle into university life first and check out the “student union freshers’ discos”. Eventually you will meet people there who like rave music and parties, who will point you in the direction of the good parties. This is how it worked for me 10 years ago! (actually its fairly common that those who provide the rigs for freshers’ discos are linked with the club / party scene)

    I used to regularly party in the Oxfordshire district where the university is situated and there was a regular “cross over” between the student crowds and the party organisers.

    you should also hear of “house parties” where students get in touch with friends with decks and open up a communal house to have a big party. These events will also provide you with the contacts for partying and other sources of fun throughout the college year 🙂

    security matters: be careful though if in Oxford city not to make it *obvious* you are a student, as recently my friends and I have become aware of a lot more violence from “locals” against “students” and “hippies”. (but this can happen in any city and is not a great threat if you are careful, so don’t get too paranoid about it.) Beware also of crack heads etc trying to befriend “student crowds” in order to find houses to burgle and people to rob. I wish I did not have to write this stuff but recently it has become more of an issue in all university areas.

    otherwise good luck at Oxford. It should hopefully be easy enough to find the parties with a bit of brain work (after all you must be clever to get there in the first place!)






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