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any parties norwich way??

Forums Rave Free Parties & Teknivals any parties norwich way??

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  • :rolleyes: i need to know where there’s a party 4 solstice around norwich way!!!?? HELP!!! thanx ppl!! 😀

    Sign up to our weekly mail out, if you aren’t already. If there’s something in your area that we know about it’ll be listed there… 🙂

    thanx Dr Bunsen, i signed up!! 🙂 now i just hafta wait….. I know brainskan are supposed to be doing something 2moro, will ring ’em L8R

    what’s the number for Brainscan?


    whats the free party scene like round Norwich, i was thinkin of heading to uni there but the club scene is dire so wa wondering what free parties go on ( its a pretty good loaction for them after all)


    If u didn’t get to the Brains Kan party at Solstice u missed one hell of a shindig! I am a big fan of Brains Kan and try to get to as many of them as I can but this one topped the lot of them. I have never had such a SPIRITUAL experience as I had on Sat night/Sun morning. With ovr 13k of base pumping out and 25k over all you couldn’t help but get in and live the music (unless you were totally b~ll~xed). Try to get to the next one, you will enjoy a cracking time. 😀 😀 😀

    Errr.. Dear Mr.Site how does one get on your weekly mail out. Because we regularly hold parties in the Suffolk/Norfolk area and it would be a bonus if you could help us out.


    You can sign up to our mail out here…

    To get a party added to the list send it to: and

    … **before midday on fridays**!

    Our mail out is a straight list of infolines which we think could be worth trying over a particular weekend and goes out sometime late on fridays 🙂

    Thanks for the info! Appreciate it.

    If there’s ever anything else, drop me a line or message me privately through the site. There’s a button marked ‘PM’ below my posts…






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Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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Forums Rave Free Parties & Teknivals any parties norwich way??