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      Excellent infos for people speaking german


        checkit! – Kompetenzzentrum für Freizeitdrogen0

        checkit! ist deine Informations- und Beratungsstelle zum Thema Freizeitdrogen, sowie deren Wirkungsweisen und Gefahren.

        do they test drugs, as check means mor or less test?
        would they accept from other countries, sending drugs from my place could be seen as even in dust proportion , an delict named export of not allowded substance (or dont know the juuridiction name for that)

        Making the test in my country has always the problem of what they do or on which hands goes the reports…

        they do test them.

        There are whole pages of test results, although the database is not that easy to search as its indexed by event names and then by the substance names. TBH The way that bit is set out looks like it was designed in 1997 (initially only for use by the Health Authority) rather than 2017.

        Unfortunately it does not look like they would accept test samples from another country especially one outside the EU (there would be potential diplomatic implications in doing so) – even if they did, if CH authorities say its illegal you could still get in trouble.

        The NL ones also won’t directly test anything from overseas; nor would WEDINOS in UK (its not even guaranteed they would test anything from England rather than Wales!) although there appears to be nothing stopping someone in NL or AT who has obtained a compound from a friend in another country taking it in other than they would still be running the risk of being arrested for importing a controlled substance..

        I suspect these testing initiatives actually are 20 years old and the only way they survive is being confined to certain areas in countries many hundreds of km deep within Europe (although not so far in your case) and only publishing their results in German.

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        wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.






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      Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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