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AU : Warning: Dodgy mix of NPS sold as MDMA causing casualties on Oz EDM scene

Forums Drugs AU : Warning: Dodgy mix of NPS sold as MDMA causing casualties on Oz EDM scene

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  • That is a fucking shocking mix…….

    I could see adding the 4-FA, I guess. The NBOMe nah…

    The point is they had MDMA in it, so they were greedy and tried to bulk it out or some crazy cross contamination happened. If they had no MDMA and were trying to make a mix to replicate it I could understand since ‘Molly’ still seems to be the hot drug and EDM is still booming, gotta chase the money if you’re a drug dealer, but seriously they just ruined perfectly good Mandy.

    The AU harm reduction workers state they think it is a deliberate method to fool reagent based testing by putting in “just enough” MDMA to make the mixture show up as potentially unadulterated. This does appear to be confined to a particular part of Australia although it could happen anywhere in the world. All it would take is one sociopathic profit seeking dealer with a “little knowledge” of chemistry/pharmacology, which can of course be dangerous.

    One thing I’ve noticed in recent years (no doubt as part of the darknets) is a change in the middle level dealing networks – “old skool” middle level dealers were sometimes sketchy and what went on around them a bit scary; but they at least tended to socialise in the same wider circles you did and took the stuff themselves (at least with party drugs). Therefore a lot of harm reduction info was also passed around as well as drugs (especially when the dealers were 10-15 years senior to the user groups – many had kids near to age of their clients and folk do still have a conscience).

    Nowadays there are young lads who buy a load of stuff from the darknet often to re-sell and fund their college fees or other business ventures, but don’t always consume all the drugs themselves (for instance a lad studying engineering who wants modafinil or similar to help him pass his exams, but realises he can make money by selling party drugs like MDMA to liberal arts students).

    At this point and especially if setbacks occur (such as a bulk purchase being seized) its easy to work out how it might result in these rough mixtures being put together, perhaps out of lack of knowledge as much as malice.

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.

    That’s deplorable news from down under, prices there are such that the market dictates this behavior, no one would do this in NL. It used to be taught to take it first when it was a new batch before selling any.

    I suspect all you need is to buy the proper kit, and fuck around at the house till you get the mixture right, probably not much knowledge needed.

    Uni kids are always a good market, the drug(s) of choice vary from school to school as do the networks but there are busts of mid-level to upper mid level dealers that have enough repercussions to fuck up kids lives. Several cocaine busts at schools near me in the last decade or so that made the news, students usually funding a habit.

    When dealers don’t use what they’re selling antisocial tendencies prevail.

    I would be gobsmacked if this passed the full set of available reagents for such a thing but then, reagent testing doesn’t really positively identify anything, more they can positively rule things out.

    4-FA is fuck all like the stimulant effect of MDMA but I am stunned the stupid bastards put an NBOMe in there, if those things aren’t handled and used carefully, they will fucking kill you.

    4-FA + MDMA would kinda be like the speedy rolls with meth that used to make the rounds about a decade ago in the USA






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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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Forums Drugs AU : Warning: Dodgy mix of NPS sold as MDMA causing casualties on Oz EDM scene