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AU/CA : Two young women brag about cruise on Instagram, busted by AU feds with coke

Forums Drugs Cocaine & Crack AU/CA : Two young women brag about cruise on Instagram, busted by AU feds with coke

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  • It is going to be very difficult for them (and another older Canadian caught with even more on the same cruise) to explain away this amount of coke) – and even more foolish for anyone who is travelling across countries when there is the slightest suspicion of how they might afford to do so (here in Europe most folk who go on world cruises are retired middle aged people – the tickets cost €18 000 each).

    3 countries feds are involved, CA, US and AU…. Australia is also one of the worst “Western” counties to get busted for drugs; it seems to have harsher penalties than anywhere else than some bits of the USA…

    Two Canadian women are facing life in prison after £17.5m drug bust in Australia – BBC Newsbeat

    Funny enough this isn’t the first time that people snitched on themselves via social media…

    My question is: who’d intrust that much product to those two girls?

    Probably an older male, albeit one who even if he managed to encourage these girls using a mobile phone service is extremely unlikely to use Instagram and whose head is still stuck in the 1970s.

    All the coke dealers I’ve encountered over the years were either hyper paranoid or become totally oblivious to security risks to the point they do things that are clearly going to get them (and their associates) caught. As I grew up all this (and the exorbitant cost/attitudes of coke using crowds) always put me off that scene anyway, IMO it is also what has led to EDM events being near impossible to put on here (even licensed ones) as society is no longer prepared to deal with the fallout.

    I think another big factor in this happening (other than the sheer amounts involved) is that for a lot of the 1990s and early 2000s (at least until 9/11) the amount of customs control and checking especially at transit points popular with middle class white tourists had been stood down during better economic times, whilst at the same time folk appeared to be a lot more tolerant about people boasting about high living etc.

    Since 2001 there have been various economic depressions and full on wars in some countries; and rising concerns over terrorism etc. Folk in every country have become a lot more nationalistic (even against tourists who are the same skin colour and religion), at the same time there has been public sector austerity measures in every nation even affecting cops/bordercontrol so the remaining officers are more “hungry” to prove their worth.

    Cocaine is super expensive in Australia due to its geographic isolation but this birds were beyond stupid but I’ve seen this type thing happen in multiple spheres. For example a college American football player got a whole bunch of people in trouble for tweeting about violating amateurism rules (which are a sham btw) and a women was on Periscope while driving drunk, but this type of thing with a multi-million dollar drug load is the biggest head scratcher. I assume they thought nobody was watching.

    I noticed that schism between cocaine dealers as well. Very few walking the middle path.

    In the 1970’s and into the 80’s before crack hit the scene big cruise ships were the preferred method of smuggling into the USA. Now they’re seen as too much of a risk to lose a huge load. Much bigger than what these girls had can potentially put on a large ship. The traffickers have diversified to small boats, submarines, personal air plaines, overland routes, cargo ships, drones, human mules… really anything imaginable has been tried. This is one of the higher risk methods in terms of being caught in my opinion but also very low risk as far as personal safety since you’re on a cruise ship. Drug trafficker is a high risk and high fatality business so I can see the allure of taking a vacation as a method of smuggling instead of some of the other methods.

    Social networks (including this site) are closely watched by BBC Monitoring in Caversham, SE England – anything blatantly illegal they note (which doesn’t end up on some investigative documentary) is passed to the Police and/or GCHQ depending on severity. if its involves overseas events its left to the Met as to whether to notify the foreign authorities. They’ve been doing that even before the Internet existed, in the 80s it was CB radio frequencies and pirate broadcasters they listened to on powerful receivers and huge antenna arrays.

    However, the chaps who worked at Caversham back then (I used to live just 5 minutes away!) were like forerunners of Ed Snowden and actually told me and my mates exactly how far you could push things and how to keep out of trouble (even if you weren’t behaving like saints). But these guys have all retired now; replaced with younger more ambitious “journalists” from posh middle class backgrounds who have no problem about working with the authorities. (Some of their activities have been exposed in the STRATFOR hack recently).

    On a related note I’ve just read two articles on BBC which have been taken straight from Reddit and similar places via Caversham. Both were light hearted subjects but this bit of Auntie can go in a lot heavier when it wants. It even monitors the rest of the BBC for compliance, another thing they me and friends in the 80s “under the table” as we then hoped to work in media production was to give certain “star” presenters like Jimmy Saville (and some others!) a very wide berth….

    That said I think these two were most likely nicked due to coming to notice of their local cops and/or being grassed up by their own so-called friends.

    In Europe the seniors do their own smuggling; even so they are regularly caught at border controls and sent to jail (ironically though if they are >70 and into downers/opiates they are likely to ultimately end up in the nursing homes where they will be legally given as much as their bodies will stand..)

    A few years ago this chap in his 70s from one of the local amateur radio clubs took a package holiday to one of those “Ibiza” type destinations with his wife; it was cheap and he knew his wife would only want to walk along the beach for a few days and spend the rest of the time in the hotel room watching British TV and complaining about the heat. So he got a room in one of those tower block hotels high up and facing the sea; as he could test out a new portable Japanese radio he had recently bought (with which he was talking to folk in Australia and all sorts of far away places).

    As soon as he set foot back in Blighty the Border Force called him and his wife aside, they were taken to a room where literally every piece of luggage they had was searched through; they even got an Ofcom man in to check his log book, stored frequencies and that all the spare batteries were just that and didn’t contain any “souvenirs”.

    As he wasn’t committing any crimes he thought it more amusing than anything and could understand why it happened (as he would have after all grown up during the 1960s/70s)

    Other folk of his age round here who are into restoring old sound equipment who innocently buy prog rock vinyl LPs and electronic components from the Netherlands are forever having their parcels delayed for extra checks – the other half of British society still hasnt’ forgiven this generation for the social changes in the 1960s and perhaps never will.






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Forums Drugs Cocaine & Crack AU/CA : Two young women brag about cruise on Instagram, busted by AU feds with coke