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  • fran suggested a party at his on the bank holiday weekend, does this sound kewl … i think so 🙂

    bobule xx

    Yep…most up for it.
    Please let me know what “equipment” is required.

    Yes, indeedy – date is definitely firming up 8-))

    We could do with a rig of some kind.
    Andy (ex-Curly) talked of getting a PVC rig together. Nick thought we could get something for ~800 GBP.
    Are we serious about sorting this out???

    Getting a rig sounds like a good idea but the current party frequency situation needs to be taken into consideration…ie: not that many parties.
    Do we really need a large rig?
    At most 1/2 or 1 K I would suggest purely on past experience.
    In the past when we’ve used a full K we’ve never run it to it’s full capacity due to the size of the venues we use. As the mansion is no longer used (and this was the major neccesity for large amounts of sound) i suggest a return to the “olden days” of getting together bits of house systems. The last party at Fran’s was, correct me if i’m wrong, quite loud enough (we never actually got past 2/3 wolume on the amp). The same was true for the party at my parents earlier this year.
    Any hoo this reply is getting a bit lengthy so i’m going to sign off now.
    Speak to you all l8r, Haze

    I have to agree with Simon re the rig – we don’t use one enough and stereos are fine for Fran’s place. I can bring my power amp and Simon’s speakers are outstanding. Depending on what is planned for New Year a rig might be worth considering though, if we can store it somewhere. i’ll certainly chip in.

    Yeah my speakers are certainly available for the party at Fran’s. No probs there.
    If we do get a small rig storage won’t be too much of a problem.
    Nicky and I are due to buy a house sometime between now and the end of the year so I’m sure some room could be made for storage. Possible somewhere in the vast studio complex that I’m planning ;p

    Yup, thass coolie – *plenty* enuff sounds for mine, thass for sure ;))

    I’m thinking more of outsidey do’s & even then 1/2 – 1 k is plenty :)) only need a LARGE rig if you’re putting on a true free party…that has unfortunate legal implications though that i don’t think the vibe need to be involved in…getting all your kit impounded is a real pain in the preverbials!






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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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