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  • Ok people the last two parties have been busted, thinks its time to go further afield? Out of Avon & North Somerset Pigs reach?

    Thought about a change of number or anything along those lines?

    I don’t know alot about free parties, i just call the number and go along… But dissident are the best ones for me.

    I’m sure you guys are aware of the situation and whats to be done, and i would think the law are reading this?

    I’ve got a forum too but i don’t know how much more secure it would be. I can switch it so topics are only avaidable on loging in and personally vet every new member. It would be a bit of work but I’d like to help the cause!



    P.S. I want a hoody where do i get one?

    Yes i agree, the last 3 parties i’ve been to have been busted, meaning that i had to drive 200 – 350 miles! but help may be at hand! If we can get 30,000 people to claim they are a “raver” on the next census make a petition, we can have “Raver” as a religeon! so the babylon can’t touch us! they even have to give us places to go! so wat do u people think? lets all get together! form a united front against babylon, theres enough of us world-wide!
    if anyone has any more ideas on this please reply…

    The main problems i can see with that are…

    Then census is only every 4 years, and it about another 3 year til the next one.

    Like the Jedi national joke, it would probably go down as ‘Other’.

    Rasta is a religeon and they don’t let them smoke weed although its a part of their religeon (i think).

    What we need is a secure way to get messages around the ravers, i find it hard to beleive this is so hard in this day and age of technology.

    I’m thinking pgp or some such form as encrption used on mailing lists. But of course i’m sure there arn’t that many travellers with internet connections, again i don’t know for sure.

    But if the actual orginisers phones are tapped there isn’t a lot of point.

    Someone please think of something! I’m sure slug isn’t the only guy whos driven 150+ miles to go to a rave and had it busted!

    Can someone with a legelpollitical background come up with something? Draft a letter we can all send to our local MP (for what good it will do!). I regularlly get disturbed by the shouting of local football teams ‘playing hulk’ but this is legal and they have been given somewhere to do it!

    Remember we live in a ‘democracy’ and should be able to get something done… Anyone know Blairs private email address?

    By the way i’ve been informed of a list of email addresses kept by the government of ‘trouble makers’ and their mails seem to be ignored.

    How about we all chip some cash at the next party and someone sets up a text message server? All peoples numbers are vetted before being added to list of people on the list, then when a party is going off, they get a text?



    yes, a change of tact is neccessary. I for one am getting sick of lugging kit around for no reason. We are working on alternative methods of communicating with party people & not with Babylon, but obviously there is a sad wanker with a small penis from the police reading this page so no details will go here.

    I am also told that our site can no longer be found using Google which i am told means that someone has asked for it to be removed. babylon in de area!! they go to ridiculous lengths to control us & prevent us getting together as is our natural right.

    keep em peeled, deeper undergound.

    We have sold out of hoodies but have some t-shirts left, e-mail the dissident account for details of how to get one.

    We have a few problems here! First off let me say that unfortunately the census is every ten years and the last one ws in 2001 so we have a few years yet to get “Church of the Raver” off the ground although it might be worth looking into start one of (it would have to be set up as a charitable trust) for when that cenus comes around.

    Second to vet everyone who uses a message board is very difficult but it can be done. It would prove to be expensive as well unless, you can get a pirate copy of the latest electoral registers which you would have to check for names and addresses. But that won’t help you with professions. I’ll look into that one and get back to you on that.

    If we supplied everyone one with a PGP key or similar the government in its infinate wisdom has come up with a law to combat that. It is called the R.I.P.Act (The Regulation of Investagatory Powers Act)which became law in July 2000.
    This law requires Internet Service Providers to maintain a copy of all email it’s users send and receive by use black boxes that the government itself will be funding.

    It has been shown that the RIP ACT directly contradicts the UK Human Rights Act which stresses employees have the right to privacy at work. The RIP Act demands employers log and track their staff’s internet movements.

    The scariest part of the RIP Act is this: If you have encrypted any messages or maintain a public/private keypair then it is a criminal offence to not hand over your keys if they are demanded of you.

    There is, however, a way round this and it is supplied by a link in the download section of this site. It is called projectSCIM. But again we have the problem of vetting the people who use it but at least if you are asked for your key pairs you can honestly say that you don’t have them because they are generated on the fly and are unique to that particular session and are stored on a computer somewhere else and deleted after the session. (This helps us get around the beast know as Echelon).

    All this negativity aside, we definately need something to help us stay free so we must use everything that is available to us to do what we want to do without babylon getting there greasy claws over us.

    morning! in principal the idea of a private ‘forum’ with vetted members is a wikid one, personally i don’t feel safe talking about stuff related to parties and our personal habits on any internet forum, but if i had to go through a decent and well thought out procedure to access it, i think i might, but having said that, nothing’s infallible and if the fuzz wanted to find a way in, i’m sure they could… I remember being busted on my way to a party about 8 years ago, searched by a female copper, and four hours later she was on the dance floor dancing to me on the decks, that was weird, i can tell you…

    in principal it’s a good idea, but i don’t think it’d work, we need something safe and reliable as a means of communication that the fuzz can’t infiltrate, unfortunately governmental policies mean that this will always be a difficult challenge to face….
    i like the idea of the church of ravers though!!

    frij, how come you know so much about all this?? you a lawyer or what?!

    He’s wise and experienced.

    Thats my guess anyway.

    No I’m not a lawyer, I do have a knowledge in law which was part of my Masters Degree (bout 25%) but that is all to do with contracts, patents, copyright, and such like. But whilst I was at college something happened that caused an intrest in stuff that affected me as an individual and my personal freedom so I decided to find out about laws etc. that would interfere with that. Hence the little bit of knowledge that I pass on here! You couold call it my idea of community, sharing everything that we have (however trivial it may sem to you)for the common good. I have little to offer other than what I have learned over the years but I am happy to share it with the people who are of the same heart, spirit, ideals, whatever you want to call it, as myself.

    Just as an aside Bio-Tech (if you are reading this) according to the local rag there was only “100 illegal ravers” at the party last week.:confused: Were they at the same one as you and me:confused: 😀

    ha! I know! comical init!

    I expect they overlooked the other 900 odd. It was a bit dark after all 🙂

    All well and good. Maybe, though, we should turn our thoughts to more direct and less frivolous action. The CJA as it stands desperately needs revisiting. Since its inception, the policies of the various police forces towards parties have ranged from “couldn’t care less” to those who think death by stoning would be “too good for ’em”. Too many people seem content to accept the situation as it is, try to find ways around it, and not look at the broader picture. Where to start? Dunno. Lobby MPs? Mass demonstrations? Regular weekends where fuckloads of rigs get together (possibly licensed? *hides behind sofa*). This is the direction we should be taking, people.






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