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  • Alright there people. I have had loads of good nights with in Amsterdam (wonder how many people are still there that I know)? I would just like to say that after nearly nine years in the Netherlands I consider myself slightly Amsterdamaged!!! but it is all good…. with some fantastic memories(hoi polio ect).

    Back in the UK now for around a year and would just like to share somewhere that I have found up here in Newcastle. Now I have been partying since around 1990 (all the free partys in and around the Oxford and London area). Now this place called SHINDIG and it reminds me soooo much of that lovin feeling that used to be around a good few years ago. Everyone is out for a good time getting smashed and feeling happy, you know not just standing around staring looking like they have just been shot in the arse looking for some one to take it out on.

    If anyone else knows of any good places like this then please let me know as they are getting harder and harder to find.

    Anyway good luck to everyone and hope this new year brings happyness and joy to everyone…

    Jack the Lad

    Hoi Polloi parties rawked didn’t they? I had to miss the first one (had other parties on my mind – see also picture galleries about Solipse Zambia), but thoroughly enjoyed myself on the second one – possibly third one too… Ah the memory tends to lag, and polystyrene (for filling up gaps) does not provide for older synaptic combinations to be restored.







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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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Forums Rave Party Reports back in the UK from the DAM