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  • Hey, my name is Tom and i live in England near London. I love to do fire staff and mix Jungle. I used to go to a lot of free parties but have had a break for a couple of years. I joined this site to try and find links to the parties again for me and my girlfriend. I love how free parties and squat parties make me feel free and obviously I need to hear music of phat rigs 😉 I know Facebook is bait so I hope i can get linked to parties here.. Much love x

    Hi Tom – welcome to Partyvibe 🙂

    To be fair Facebook is not in itself any more risky than this forum, or British Telecom or your mobile phone provider – its what people put on there which is the issue.

    What does appear to have happened in recent times is even around London (where previously the cops didn’t seem to be bothered as much) there is a lot more backlash against these events, leading to unpleasant clashes with cops and further clampdowns – as well as concerns over drugs being way stronger than they were 10 or 20 years ago.

    So it becomes harder to put these things on and the bigger ones seem to get locked off quicker.

    I don’t think we are going to see the return of the late 90s where this forum had a list of partylines for London that were valid and working every weekend, right under the noses of metpol, GCHQ etc (who were all watching back then) but clearly some events still happen.

    in recent years the focus of this forum has shifted towards encouraging harm reduction with drugs, so people who do take them do not get into bad situations, as this is currently what is being used by cops to justify preventing unlicensed events (its difficult to get ambulances into remote locations when people are taken unwell).

    Only a few years ago I was aware of many psy trance events in London which were licensed but had the same atmosphere as free parties – I’d be surprised if these have all disappeared. We do get listings for legal events in London every so often, and the people who attend these are also likely to still attend free parties…

    Welcome to the forum bud

    Welcome to the forum..:sign0016:






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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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