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  • Hello everyone,

    Thanks to all of you who made it down to Belushi’s on Saturdy night. A great
    time was had by all, despite the problems with the sound system. A big thank
    you goes out to Luis Paris and Steve Hitch, who struggled through said
    problems like true pro’s. Hat’s off to the pair of them…~s~

    Now the good news…

    We are giving you all an early Christmas present this week. A free party at
    Belushi’s. Yes, that’s right, absolutely free. Gratis. Buck shee. Nil dosh.
    Abso-bloody-lutely no cash involved. Zilchmans. Bugger all!

    Joining me will be Matt Beresford, and Ben Gidman. The party starts at ten
    and goes through to four, and the door price is nothing. Oh, had I already
    mentioned that? Sorry.

    We will also be giving away two free tickets for our New Years Eve party, to
    be held at the same venue, worth a total of £50. So some lucky so-and-so is
    gonna have it right off! For those who are not lucky enough to win tickets,
    bring your pocket money with you as tickets will be on sale, priced £25

    So that’s Saturday 8th December, 10 O’clock, Belushi’s, 161 Borough High
    Street. Got it? Any questions, call us on 07956 475170. Oh yeah…

    It’s free to get in…beat that London Town.

    Merry Christmas,

    Rob & Annette.







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