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  • you sure this isnt for SWIM?

    its not illegal…

    this site has detailed info about the substance. I would suggest the person considering trying this reads the whole lot and takes note of the risks/interactions..

    Diphenhydramine – Drugs Forum

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.

    Ain’t benadryl for allergies?

    DJCliffy;238661 wrote:
    Ain’t benadryl for allergies?

    Thats what I thought!

    Just letting you know, Diphenhydramine was one of the scariest things i’ve ever ingested. You can’t distinguish the difference between what it is real and what your mind is projecting. I saw scorpions and spiders that didn’t exist. I had full conversations with people who weren’t there. It’s fucking insane. I would recommend 400-1000mg for your body weight.






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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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