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  • Alright people,can anyone tell me where i can find a big Gazebo?…y’know the popup aluminium frame kind.I heard that one of the big diy chainstores were doing ones that were 30 feet long…wahey.:)
    But after hours of searching online and in person all i get is blank looks from spotty salesboys,can anyone point me n the right direction?

    both B&Q and home base (in guildford at least) do a selection of gazeebos, from 2.5 m square pop ups, thru 3m diameter hexagonals to 9m x 3m walled and window beasts, unfortunately, anything bigger than 2.5 is not pop-up but wendy-frame construction so you need 1 person per leg to erect without it fallin apart every 3 minuites. the beast is 100quid, but to be honest, unless you look after them well, they’l get shoddy pretty quick. also, your better off in a proper out of town superstore
    good luck
    happpy ravin
    peace out…

    Cheers for the info USE 😀
    My local in town diy type store has been less than helpful,but theres a massive out of town one not so far away…100 bucks seems a bit much for what you get,but maybe thats just me being tight:p .
    i want one of the big beasts but its the thought of lugging something that size around!!

    Have seen 3x3m pop ups, and they are OK, but wont withstand strong winds, support much wieght and are easy to break whilst putting away. They are great in good weather tho, and provide nice bit of cover for decks etc and can be put up in literally 60 secoinds. They are normally not properly waterproof tho ,and often come without sides – expect to pay at least £70 new

    Dont bother with DIY store party tents/marquees – usually flimsy as fuck, plastic or very thin metal poles, and will quite literally blow away in any kind of wind.

    IMO, best bet is find abt £225, get a partytent/marquee thing that are all over Ebay, we got an 8x4m for abt £225 incl tie down kits, which are essential. Pretty light when packed away thanks to plastic tarpaulin, sectional, so can change size easily, and u only need 4/5 pple to put up, one side at a time. Look a bit naff as are all white, but practicality outwieghs that, and u can do things to hide the white! Aslo will go up on hardstanding no bother, as long as u can tie it down to something to stop it blowing away in wind.

    I’d certainly agree with what stumblingmatt says about avoiding el cheapo gazebos – having had to put up a few in various states..

    I did look for mil-surplus tents in colours which wouldn’t make it look like a womens institute cake sales tent but couldn’t find much or any cheap ones.

    It then dawned on me why we can’t find that many cheap ex-MOD tents compared to 3 years ago…

    I did find stuff like KG2 ballistic vests (proof against 9mm and .357!) and coppers batons though, but of course we do not need these at free parties – even in London…






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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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Forums Classifieds Big Gazebo Wanted