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Big Up 2 Storm sound system& the west country party massive!

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  • Lucky Ravers have had an exceptionally good outdoor season this last summer.
    Fantastic weather and many beautiful first choice sites all around the UK, more of a diversity of music, hundreds of sound systems active and the all the general niceties that the summer time brings.
    However, Squat party season is upon us one again.
    Jaded by the general lack of nice public parties in London,
    We headed due west outta town.
    We were on a quest for a phat rave, meetin some new people and checkin out how way out west squat parties are doing.
    We were VERY pleasantly surprised.
    Firstly HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to Storm Sound System!
    What an epic birthday rave that was last weekend, 8th Nov in Basingstoke.
    I was well chuffed to find 7 rigs in a beautifully clean warehouse complex, which was still so clean on Sunday afternoon, we could have all eaten our dinner off the floor! Even after at least 1000 people had raved it!
    Refreshing to see that the youth outta town ain’t so intent on destruction as they are at some London parties.
    Talkin of da youth… that is clearly where all the next generation of ravers are havin it large style, as it sure as hell ain’t happenin to that extent in London.
    Lots more young up for it ravers who clearly contribute to thier scene, not as many old haggard junkies and nutcases as at London parties, nice.
    What I was most impressed by was the fluffy old school vibes and wicked atmosphere in Basingstoke.
    What more could you ask for???!!!!!!
    (except for an international K drought! – wishful thinking…..)
    People actually stand aside for you on the stairs, to let you through and all the lads are very sweet and open doors for you.
    I loved the fact that Storm has a proper Techno mosh pit! which kept on fully rockin till Sunday night!
    I’m a break beat / dnb head, but that mosh has such a wikid vibe, I was ravin in it all night!
    So, Big Big Big Ups to all Tunnel Crew, Storm and 9Bar sound systems.
    You lot showed me a great time and a truly phat rave and made me realise after 7 years of going to squat and outdoor parites, UK wide, I can still find a rave that has the same great vibes as the old school fluffy London parties of way back.
    Shame really nice parties don’t really happen in London that often any more as the London squat scene struggles though lots of negativity.
    But it’s Brilliant to see phat crews and rigs doin it like it should be done.
    Big Smoke, take note, we wouldn’t want our rep as the party capital of the world to slide out of town, into the west country
    But, if that’s what it takes……

    Big Up to all da good Random ravers, da Sonic crew, Ruckus boys, Mayhem ladies, Tribe of Munt, Negusa Negast, Hedfuk massive, Random Artists, Speakeasy, Kingbeat, Iffe, Panik, Manik, Malfaiteurs, Scallywags, Prank, Crossbones, Dekked, Diversion, Stinky Pink, Stonker, Audiophile, Hekate and all the tru hardcore London ravin Crew, coz u all deserve a phat big up for keepin it true even in tuff times .

    Once again nice1way out west crew, full respect for a phat up rave! Storm, 9Bar, Sokaid, Massika, Phantom, Tunnel Crew and all da rest….
    I fully recommend all you other well behaved random ravers go straight to the next big west side party and have a lovely fluffy time too, you will not regret.
    has all rig nos in the free parties section


    Random Raver :o)

    aye, it was a fucking excellent party. a lot of effort was put in to the event by the crews…..

    there are plenty of warehouses outside London, and lots of crews who know the real vibe and the real reasons for partying..

    I actually cycled to the party from Reading – 26 miles and worth every mile (and the minor pain in my knees midweek). don’t mean to blow my own trumpet (I’m hardly a fitness freak!) but it was also a personal best mileage as well as a great party 🙂 Got a champagne reception on the way in as well (thanks 2 34all on Sokaid)

    nuff respect 2 all who made it happen

    You are clearly Hardcore General!
    Champagne reception2, sounds well worth the mission…
    I take it you Didn’t cycle to Chessington from Reading this last Saturday then?!?!
    (Your legs wouldn’t have been able to take ravin’ on top of that journey!)
    Was phat, but not as ‘avin it as Basingstoke.
    There were so many parties on Saturday to choose from!
    I was so trashed on Sunday afternoon that got I public transport from Chessington all the way to the Hedfuk / Hekate / Manik party in Aldgate East London, which was still going strong!!!
    Me thinks to head even further West next weekend.
    Rumour has it , Prank Party…
    Bring it on!
    Their rig sounds sexy as….






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Forums Rave Party Reports Big Up 2 Storm sound system& the west country party massive!