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      I don’t seem to be able to answre threads but can make New topics πŸ₯΄

      Don’t even look like I’m logge in πŸ€”


        Wtf, working now πŸ˜‚ so nm

        Glad it’s working. Not sure what went wrong there for you. Sorry.


          Probably nothing, I can’t however see myself as online.

          The Partyvibe Ghost πŸ˜‚

          I will look into it today. You’ll have noticed that I’ve made a few changes over the last 72 hours which is probably why…


            That’s fine Dr B

            Happy to see you here 😜

            Seems to be working again now. Good to see you too!

            It all went entirely tits up for a few days, a few of us were talking about it but finally, hooray, it seems to be awesome again. Well done Dr B

            What wasn’t working for you? You shouldn’t have seen a difference…

            When you would log in sometimes it wouldn’t register that you’d logged in and then you’d have to click around to a thread for it to acknowledge that you’d logged in. Also it wasn’t logging posts for a day or so.

            Sorry about that. It should be fixed now but let me know if it happens again… thanks!


              I can’t see myself online when im on the main page
              As soon as I enter chat forum for example im visible πŸ€”again πŸ™„

              Not sure what thats about sorry. I’ll look in to it though.


                Don’t worry about it πŸ™‚
                I would however like to be able to stay logge in when i tick the “stay logged in” button

                Im always a pain in the arse when you try and fix things πŸ˜‚ sorry about that 😘

                Not πŸ™„






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              Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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