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Calm Seas, Thailand – September 2000.

Forums Rave Party Reports Calm Seas, Thailand – September 2000.

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    September 13th, 2000
    Report courtesy of Full Moon Party Thai Beach party site*.

    The days before the party were windy and the water was choppy. Waves lapped the beaches and transportation to the Full Moon Party could be exciting this time indeed. But on Wednesday the seas were calm. The water was like glass with no waves on the beach.

    It was a perfect day and evening for the Full Moon Party. The trip to Koh Phangan by speedboat was fast, smooth and dry for a change. The Calm Seas made the trip from the Gecko Village pass quickly. Above the moan of the speedboat, the beats of the night could be heard coming from Haad Rin. The September 2000 Full Moon Party was underway!

    It was time to party! The crowd estimated at 6,000 seemed as calm as the seas. These laid back party people danced to the varied beats filling the beach. For the whole evening the seas were calm, the crowd was relaxed, the moon came out between the clouds, the party continued. We were blessed this time and there was no early morning shower.

    The horizon was filled with clouds when the sun broke. The sea remained calm. The party continued for many while others waded to the waiting speed boats. What a fun Full Moon Party! There was excitement in the crowd. There was power in the air. Yet peace seemed to prevail. Even the return speedboat trip was reflective of the Calm Seas.

    Here are my pictures from the party. Enjoy!

    Party On!







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Forums Rave Party Reports Calm Seas, Thailand – September 2000.