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Can you Vape Salvia?

Forums Drugs Salvia Divinorum Can you Vape Salvia?

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  • Has anyone here tried to vape salvia before?

    Personally, no. But apparently vaping works better than bonging it, if you get the temperature right

    never tried; idk how it’d go

    It will vape at some point, everything does, how how hot that is IDK.

    I’d have thought it would work myself…..

    i uste smoke it in blunts regular leaf and sprinkle some extract of ten or five time havent tried vapeing it but it crazy when you combine it with etizolam 2 to 4 mg shit get weird but it short lived only way make it last longer is combine it with DiMiTri and you in for it there make sure to always have a sitter and sex on salvia or mushrooms is amazing just fyi. bt get hebe titan 2 i test salvia in vape just for you [Lizbeth]

    I would say yes because it’s sort of like pot in that all you have to do is pick it and let it dry a bit (Salvia that is). We have it growing in our backyard but I’m not sure if it’s the kind that gets you high. Basically you just dry out the leaves and then crumble them up. I used to vape when I had my sweet connection and all it was was crumbling your herbs into the vaporizer popping the mouthpiece on and heating it up. So why not?

    never tried ever.

    I’d say yes, I’d probably put money on the fact nyway.






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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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Forums Drugs Salvia Divinorum Can you Vape Salvia?