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  • Madness.

    although the site appears to be set up by cat lovers and no real harm is coming to the animals, the obvious hazard with making your pet take part in this daft spectacle is that the cat will interpret this as meaning it now has a right to jump up on computer desks, keyboards and other IT equipment.

    A well aimed paw can send items like hubs, routers swiftly crashing to the floor, its amazing the problems a cat jumping on a keyboard can cause; it can easily enter random text and/or trigger off unwanted functions! I’ve seen kittens cause absolute havoc in project studios and home comms rooms – my own cat is only allowed in the computer/equipment rooms under supervision.

    Even so he has attacked cabling and taken down the internet in my house twice; once as a kitten during dial-up days and more recently as an older cat (by playing “snake” with a dropwire he knocked out the main link between two parts of my house…) I sometimes sign up to electronics trade magazines in his name as “chief cable tester…”

    Some pictures and copy from an old, all time favorite website ( that used to crack me up no end but went offline years ago and now lives on in The hate mail they received was hilarious…

    Welcome to CliffyB’s Cat-Scan!

    Cat-Scan is home to people who love art as much as their cats. So much so, they combine the two! Every weekday we’ll bring you the most hilarious cat scans available.

    Send us your Cat Scans!


    So, think your kitty has what it takes to star on Follow the rules below and submit some pictures. If we like it, your pussy gets famous.

    -Please avoid scanning the cat’s eyes. Otherwise, the people who hate this site will have ammo to give me shit.

    -Your scans must be at least 800×800 pixels. The higher the resolution the better.

    -Scanning stuffed animals of any sort was funny the first few times people sent them in. Now, they’re just not funny. So please don’t send them.

    -Remember, folks, we’re making ART here! The more interesting or original your scan is the more likely it is going to be posted. Try using props! Birds, mice, multiple cats, Christmas lights, Tin Foil, etc…

    -Please don’t put any text or graphics ON your scan.

    -Don’t do any stupid Photoshop tricks to your scans.

    -Try to avoid scanning the Cat’s genitals. We really don’t need to see Fluffy’s junk up close and personal.

    -Please make sure your cat is mostly CLEAN before scanning and sending. I really don’t need to see Cat Dandruff or paws that have mud or feces on them.


    Hate mail: Cat-Scan.Com – The Cover Page
    Scans: Cat-Scan.Com – The Cover Page
    Pictures: Index of /images
    Contest: CAT SCAN CONTEST!


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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Forums Life Pets & Animals cat-scans