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Changa. How to get around the lightweight.

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  • You could try the online vendors. Personally I don’t know any but someone might have sympathy for your cause and help you out. But people don’t name drop publicly on here. Well some people do blatantly post links on here. Silly billys.

    Yeah, I realise you can’t post links to vendors or advdertise your own “wares”.

    I’ve had a major poke around on the web (even looking at vendors abroad as I’m willing to take the risk) but to no avail! 🙁

    Even hints would be great! lol

    Is changa ayahuasca? Below I present my sketchy information of what I remember…
    As far as I know ayahuascas main ‘ingredients’ stems from fact that it’s mixed with a tempory Monamine-something inhibitor.
    And when monamine is inhibited(blocked) the dmt is allota more active.

    And I think syrian rue is a monamine-somethnig inhibitor. Year meant to eat it/smoke it beforehand and then have a whallop of dmt.

    I’m only telling you this if your impatient haha your probably gonna get some really decent replys later on.

    Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to get some changa!

    hopefully be gettin me so in a month or two! the more i read the more awesome it sounds. that and pharamhuasca. The latter sounds more interesting to me but basically the same thing just different ways of getting into the body.

    It really is one of the best ways of doing DMT short of ayahuasca of course.

    Welll its basically the same thing. Right? MAOI and DMT. Atleast pharamhuasca is basically the same thing. Cannnt waiiit to try it!

    I wanna try some too : )

    Argh, it’s been SO long since I’ve been uplifted and caressed by angels while being shown the secrets of the universe! I’m gonna have to hassle the shit out of my mate and convince him to get me some ASAP!

    make your own changa, do you want me to link you teks?

    Yesss pleaaase. prolly cheaper now that i think about it. i was just assuming harmaline was prolly schedueld.

    A Blue Lotus/MAOI Changa Tek


    this will produce 2 grams of extremely powerful and potent (1:1, spice:herbs) changa that can yield breakthroughs on single hits (especially using a vaporgenie). Be very careful here! Truth be told, i often use LESS DMT to make the changa blend intentionally WEAKER. Here it is in case you are interested:


    2 grams (2000 mgs) of freebase N,N DMT, chemically washed and recrystallized, if necessary. i want it very clean . . .

    250mgs of THH (tetra hydro harmine). Available by the legal entheogen provider (careful, not legal in Canada, tho in US – check your local regs) This is an expensive, isolated MAOI, but it is the friendliest one i have encountered and i find it to be a super-enhancement to both changa and vaporhuasca.

    500 mgs of banisteriopsis caapi leaf
    250mg passionflower
    150mg lavendar
    100mg peppermint
    250mg mullein
    500 mgs blue lotus

    A scale
    2 glasses (like overly large shot glasses)
    A pyrex dish
    A fan
    Good ventilation
    eye dropper
    Stirring tool
    Razor blade
    Small ziploc to store changa

    Herbs can be purchased at herb and health stores and ordered online.


    As usual, when working with solvents, it’s always advisable to ensure good ventilation, extinguish all flames and sparks, including pilot lights, wear safety equipment at all times – gloves, goggles and respirator.

    1.) Prepare your herbs in advance – i use an herb grinder. i pick out anything i don’t want (e.g. seeds/stems) and try to grind to an even consistency. Once i have prepared the herbs, i mix them all together.

    2.) In one of the large shot glasses, drop your DMT powder. Now drop the THH powder onto that. Now, slowly add acetone, beginning with about 70 mL and adding about 10-15 mL slowly, while mixing/agitating. You want to get all (or at least almost all) of the visible powder to go into solution. You can use the eyedropper to add smaller amounts. Give up adding acetone if you are over 120 mL. It’s good enough.

    3.) Drop the herbal mix into the glass with the acetone solution. Mix/stir very well. You want an even distribution. The whole thing looks like an evil mint tea at this point but it sure doesn’t smell like anything you could survive drinking. Evaporation is your next important step.

    4.) Place the glass next to an open window with a fan on it. Check it periodically. The acetone level will drop FAST. Acetone is my favorite changa solvent because it is so volatile, so pay attention.

    5.) When the solution no longer looks like tea but is now a green herbal “slurry” you are ready to dump the entire contents out into your pyrex dish. Try to get it all – scrape it out carefully. i suppose you could rinse with a bit extra solvent but i don’t do that as i figure at this point, each piece of herb is perfectly and evenly infused with spice . . .

    6.) Place your pyrex in the open window with a fan on it set on low. Check frequently, and begin to spread it out and chop it and flip it to encourage drying. Mix well and frequently. Very soon all the solvent will be gone. Turn off the fan but continue mixing and spreading every 6-8 hours for another full day. This ensures complete evaporation.

    7.) If you are worried, try two tests to ensure 100% evaporation:
    a.) The smell test – i frequently use a young person who knows the smell of “fingernail polish remover” as they have strong senses. i say i am making herbal mixes again and i wonder if it smells like polish remover and they smell it for me.
    b.) The weight test. The weight of your original herbs plus original DMT was 4 grams. Weigh your changa. It should be 4 grams or less – your solvent is gone and it’s ready for use.


    1.) Absolutely best if you have a vaporgenie pipe – load the changa and vaporize like usual – the vaporgenie will ensure perfect vaporization of the freebase DMT and the herbal oils – DMT never tasted so good! Yum yum!

    2.) One way to “smoke” changa to minimize burning and maximize vaporization follows: Roll a changa joint: Lay down a rolling paper flat then lay a thin bed of non-enhanced herb (herb of your choice, but i recommend mullein for ease of smoking and extra lung absorption) onto the paper. On top of this bed of herbs, lay some of your changa. Now, carefully roll the joint – keeping the changa in the center. Light and begin to smoke. Remember, one good hit can yield a full-on, profound breakthrough, so maybe start with little puffs. The first hit(s) will be rank – burning plastic/burning DMT. But, as the joint is passed and smoked, the cherry (hot, red tip) of the burning material will have enough heat to vaporize the spice in it when you hit – as you pull the air through the joint, the herbs on the tip of the joint burn, but the DMT deeper in vaporizes, due to the heat of the air. Success!

    3.) The final technique involves loading it into a bong just like you would a bowl of any other herbs and hitting just like you would any other herbs. Yes, your DMT is burning (not advisable IMHO) but at least it is mediated by the changa herbs.


    Hmmm, I’ll check it out a bit more thoroughly after work but sounds complicated.

    Thanks poly. gonan have to try this

    P0ly you you forgot the recipe for a JFK pool table fruit salad.






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Forums Drugs DMT Changa. How to get around the lightweight.