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Come Party in Florida, December 7, 2002 (where it’s warm!!)

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  • Saturday December 7, 2002 in South Florida

    The second annual Electric Pow-Wow dance and music Festival!

    Presented by: The Hazmat Crew, Plur Productions, MVP Productions,, Lexicon Productions, and


    LOXY & INK (UK) (Jungle / Metalheadz / Renegade Hardware /Architecture / Cylon / Outbreak / Nemcrom Recordings) These two Dj’s need no introduction to the Jungle Headz in South Florida! Loxy and Ink have spent the past few years laying down hits on labels such as: Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, Architecture, Cylon, Outbreak and Nemcron Recordings. With the release of their full length LP, ‘Can You Draw Sound?’, They have proven that they are two of the most versatile dj/producers in the scene today. Make sure you do not miss out on this rare South Florida appearance by two of the best Jungle dj’s in the World!!

    RIKSTA (London UK) First United States Appearance! (Hard-Dance / Fevah Records / RN2) Riki Shane a.k.a. Riksta got involved in DJ’ing back in 1997 when he became resident for Fevah. After that residency, DJ Riksta has played in all of the major clubs from the Ministry of Sound, to being one of the Headliners for the Tony De Vit Memorial at Brixton Academy in London. Without a doubt his individuality when mixing and performing is what has made Riki Shane different to any other D.J you will ever hear. During these 5 years, Riki Shane had a two year stint in New Zealand where he helped start Fevah down there, and played in Australia for Frantic alongside Nukleuz Dj’s Andy Farley, BK and Nick Sentience. Riki Shane is one of the most sought after Hard-Dance DJ’s on the London Scene. Riki Shane is the bi-weekly resident at THERE alongside Andy Farley, and Steve Blake. Don’t miss his United States debut !!!

    STEVE RYAN (London UK) (Hard-Dance / Fevah Records / Steve Ryan is a key player in the U.K. Hard Dance scene. After six years involvment Steve has fine tuned his mixing and production skill to a level that has earned him respect from all parts of the dance community. With the full backing of successful U.K. promoter and label Fevah, Steve was quickly pushed up through the London ranks and gained his first residency at the unrivalled Match Made in Heaven @ Londons Heaven. As his popularity increased it wasn’t long before he was well in demand carrying a gruelling schedule of up to 5 sets most weekends. Perhaps this is reflected in his production ‘Cut the Jive’ on Fevah House which received air time all round the world and was signed to numerous compilations.

    FORCE OF HABIT a.k.a. Chris Marchese (Orlando) (Breaks / Freakin Music / Knightlife / Gecko Records U.K.) Force of Habit returns to South Florida for another breathtaking show. Chris Marchese (aka Force of Habit) is the mastermind behind tracks like “Yummy!”, “Feelings of Disbelief”, and “Jus a Lil Funk,” to name but a few, and has had music featured on labels such as Freakin Music, Knightlife, and Gecko Records, U.K.., along with production credits on tracks that have made it on FFRR, MOONSHINE, and NERVOUS RECORDS. Don’t miss this unstoppable advanced DJ set combined with live instrumentation will blow you away. This member of the Freakin Music family is sure to please and will deliver a performance that explains exactly why Chris Marchese is a Force of Habit!

    SCRATCH-D & H-BOMB (Breaks /, / Freakin Music / Marine Parade U.K.) Currently residents @ WPB’s “Chill Nightclub,” and various other Fl. Clubs, these two have one of the most popular radio Show’s in Florida “The Techno Beach Party” on 92.7 FM/101.7 FM Saturdays from 3-7PM ( success Skyrocketed with the release of the international dance hit “The Red Pill” in 1999 and being released once again on The Crystal Method’s new mix cd in July 2002. Check out their new hits “Freakin It”, and “NightMare 2002” on ZeroOne Music, currently being charted by the likes of Icey, Adam Freeland and Baby Anne!

    SYNTHETIK a.k.a Dj Storm and MC Duchess (Breaks / TCR / Funktional Breaks / Freakin Music / Moonshine / Caffine / Kharma Records / Rythm Source / Just thirsty Records / Mischief makes Music) Dj Storm is no stranger to the South Florida electronic music scene, he has been spinning since the late 80’s and he is one of the people responsible for starting the breakbeat scene down here in South Florida. You may know Dj Storm and his brother Johny Dangerously a.k.a The Brothers of Funk for their banging ass breakbeat sets that are still remembered to be legendary at the “Edge Night Club” back in the early 90’s. He his also well known for his mixed cd’s on his own label “Freakin Music”, and he has made multiple tracks on major record labels and has spun at some of the best parties in the United States. He now has recently teamed up with MC Duchess to bring you a style that will blow your mind, so make sure you check out these two superstars, you will not be disappointed!!!

    FLOORBLAST a.k.a Johnymac vs. Skully (Boston, Mass.) (Hard-Dance / / MVP / / / The Agentcy) The founders of New England’s premiere Hard-Dance collective come together once again ! Within the past two years they have played all over, from London to Boston , Miami to New England. Johnymac and Skully’s tight mixing, superb track selection and great attitude on the decks really displays why these two are rated as the USA’s LEADING HARD-DANCE DJ’S!!! The duo’s disposition and interaction in the mix is one to be seen, a performance unlike the average set ! With countless Floorblast releases under there belt, there own record label, website, as well as a full booking schedule, there efforts towards the scene is unmatched. If you missed them at “The Showcase Showdown”, “Bounce”, or “Electric Yellow” be prepared for a full-on dancefloor beating these two are about to give to you !!! Free cd’s and t-shirt throw-outs all during there set !

    KRIYA (Live P.A.) (NuSkool Breaks / Tiger Dragon Productions / As seen across the U.S.A. Be Prepared for an intense Journey. Kriya blends a live set of HI-Energy Nuskool Breaks featuring live Electronic Drums. KRIYA’s music will transcend your mind into the depths of euphoria and beyond awakening your super consciousness. Witness a special live rendition of the hit single “Blue Sky”.

    WARPATH (Live P.A) (Electronica / Plur Productions) Come check out two native American brothers perform their unique style of electronica. incorporating a number of different styles into their one of a kind unique sound, including live electric guitars and live bass guitar. guaranteed to leave you breathless!

    HARDRIVE a.k.a. Ralph Turner (U.K. Hardhouse / / / Lexicon) Hardrive is the pioneer of U.K. Hardhouse / Nu-NRG in the South East United States, his mixing skills are flawless and his track selection is hard as nails. He is the founder and president of the Hazmat Crew and he will be starting his new record label in 2003. If you have seen this dj in action, you know he throws down a very hard set, packed with hard hitting bass and hoovers. This is one dj that has made a difference in the South Florida hard dance community. Be prepared Florida, this guy is not F*ckin’ around when it comes to the hard beats!!!

    DUBLEX (House / Jungle / Techno / Ghetto Tech / Lexicon productions / / Dublex is one of those dj’s that play all styles of electronic music, and will bring you to an ultimate high. He is the founder of LexiconProductions, which has brought South Florida some of the best underground parties ever. His mixing skills are top notch and he will prove it at this event. He will be throwing out free cd’s to everyone who is dancing their ass off to his set!! This is one dj that you will see in the future spinning at some of the biggest events!!

    JOHN PRESTON (San Francisco) (Driving Techno to Groovin Trance / / Come out and see why this kid is in such demand from Coast to Coast. With his unique blend of Driving Techno to Groovin Trance he is sure to make you move , groove and want some more.. Special Cd Release Party with free cd giveaways all night long..


    NEW REPUBLIC (Jungle / Beta Recordings UK / Beatcamp / Breakbeat Science / Reload) Best known for their lively tag team DJ sets and top notch production, New Republic are responsible for such dancefloor favorites as ‘Baila Conmigo’ (feat. Merly B), ‘Risky Business’ and ‘Hell Can Wait’. Watch for these and other releases forthcoming on Beta/Chihuahua Recordings and Breakbeat Science.

    I.C.B.M. (Live P.A.) (Jungle / / Black Sun Empire Recordings / Holland / DSCI4 Recordings, UK/ P51 Recordings USA) With forthcoming releases on Black Sun Empire Recordings, Trace’s DSCI4 Recordings, and Gridlock’s new imprint P51 Recordings, this three man dj/production outfit is one of the brightest showings from the U.S. to date. Prepare yourself for a full on dub plate assault straight from the silo that is sure to leave you craving for more.

    CIRKULAR SQUARE (Live P.A.) (Jungle / / Flytrap Muzik) After a brief hiatus into finishing Rotfly’s album “altered E-go”, Rotfly & Shadoelyte re-emerge into the CirKular Square…South Florida’s most innovative, eclectic, and powerful junglist live act. With new tracks ranging from smooth and uplifting to grotesque and deadly, CirKular Square is an eccentric feast for the eyes, ears, & mind. A Unique Drum-n-Bass Experience.

    LUNA & AHNON (North Carolina) (Jungle / Luna and Ahnon have been a behind the scenes force in the SE dnb scene for the past 5 years. They are two thirds responsible for one of the hottest new US based labels around: Nemcron Recordings. Releases from: Dylan & Loxy, dj Ink & J Dubb, The Architex and 4041Focus are sure to make this label one to watch as dnb continues to reach new heights in the US.

    JUMPTECH (DUBLEX, ATRIX500, TRAUMA) (Jungle / Lexicon Productions / If you have seen this three man tag team play at any Hazmat / Lexicon event, you will then know that this is one of South Florida’s top D-n-B performances. The crew consists of Dublex, Atrix500, and Dj Trauma from 30 fingers of funk, so if you think they tear the tables up when they are spinning alone, wait until you see what these three master dj’s do when they are on the decks together!!! Straight up F*CKIN’ business!!

    MERLY B (Jungle / Beat Camp / Reload) Her style is best described as deep and funky with a pension for tough beats and quick mixing. Rapidly becoming one of the most recognized names in the Florida dnb scene, Merly B keeps herself busy with a residency @ Beatcamp Presents… Reload, regular appearances @ one-offs throughout the state and a single forthcoming on the Beta/Chihuahua Label (w/ long time friends and producers New Republic). Come and see what the buzz is all about!

    MESS (Boston, mass.) (Jungle / / It was 1993 when Mess first stepped to the decks. He started out with Hip Hop and Dancehall. After picking up his first Drum N Bass record in 1996 there’s been no slowing down. In 1997 he stopped buying new hip hop entirely and focused on this new form of breakbeat. This year, with a renewed love for hip hop and an itch to do more, Mess began to put together his home studio to work on solo projects, as well as collaborations with DrumAddictz co-founder NeilNots.

    SUPERNAUT VS. FLATLINE Featuring MC Motive and MC Duchess (Jungle / AfterLife Inc. / Databass Music / Well known for their banging Drum and Bass and nasty-ass Electro, these two have without a doubt paid their dues. They crossed paths back in ’97 while going to college up in Gainesville. Since then, they’ve blessed crowds all over the state and finally landed here in South FL. Through their development, they’ve spun at such clubs as Liquid, Mission, and Billboard Live. Catch them weekly at Shenanigan’s “Sunday School” (Three years strong and everlasting), and “Finally Friday’s” @ Skylounge in downtown West Palm. Known to bring shit 10 times harder than most. Pure Talent. Don’t be surprised to leave with a new favorite. AfterLife Inc. What What…

    DJ FETISH a.k.a. Shawn Craft (Jungle / Fetish has been Rocking crowds all over the Southeast for about 7 years. Playing on 3 turntables, he specializes in Nu-School,Electro,2-Step,and Jungle. Using his ability to really move a crowd with his smooth mixing skills and his ability to Mix and Switch styles in the blink of an eye. He is also has a weekly Thursday night Radio show on, so be sure to check him out…

    DEVIOUS VS. BURN (Jungle / DVS Group / Infiltration Management / BassHead Productions) Born and raised in Miami, Devious has been involved in the Drum and Bass scene since 1995, supporting the music, and building relationships within the community. He has been perfecting his skills since he was just 13, fine tuning them into the skilled and versatile mixing he possess today. This dedication and skill has given him the ability to rock the house from clubs to major events. Dj Burn is founder of Basshead productions and has throw events “Nickel Bag of Funk” and “Sci-Fly”,. He is no stranger to the Drum and Bass and he will be tearing shit up with Devious at this event!!!

    DANNY BLED (Jungle / EvilBase / Kharma Records / The Womb) A south Florida underground favorite unreeling some dark and twisted tunes for your listening pleasure. Be sure to witness evil madness from this EvilBase Recording artist that is releasing a twelve on his own with Rotfly.

    3 EYES (Jungle / / Triple Optics Studios / Nemcron Recordings) This dj started spinning back in North Carolina, where he started throwing his own events to start the scene out there. He has headlined events next to Terry Mullan, Nigel Richards and Scott Henry. He is now a South Florida resident and he has been tearing up the decks down here for a few years now. If you have a chance to catch this dj in action you will see the skills of a master dj!!!

    DONCORE (Jungle / This dj might be the most slack ass MoFo in the business, but his mixing is flawless and track selection is tight. He has worked the crowd at many events in South Florida and has left people cheering for more!! Warning: If this dj hands you a flyer for this event, you are most likely a hot girl he is trying to get laid with!

    DEVIANT (Jungle / Preshapoints 88.1 / Culture)


    PILLFORM (Key Largo) (Live P.A.) (Breaks / Funkin Family’s resident producer. Kickin out the dopest breakbeat, trance, drum n bass and trip hop in South Florida. PillFORM has been experimenting with electronic music since early 96′, moving his way through every class of sound till he landed in his own. Fusing South Florida electro and psychedelic trance influences to producing mind escaping plains of hypnotic aura. Having begun his musical exploration as a guitarist/song writer in a high school hardcore band then slowly venturing to every stop through the electronic galaxy, you could say he is an artist of many musical languages. With a dj friendly motivation and knack for nostalgic mayhem, PillFORM most definitely holds his own in the underground! This will be the next big live performance act to hit the South Florida scene!!!

    HYDRAULIX a.k.a ASH ROCK & JIMI THE GENUIS (Breaks / Culture / Insomniac Recordings) Hydraulix’s South Florida’s newest alliance consisting of dj’s ASH ROCK & JIMI THE GENUIS. These two have individually been a driving force in the electro breaks scene here in South Florida. Be prepared to see an amazing set by two of South Florida’s most respected dj’s. These two are going to tear shit up like you have never seen before. They will have with them a arsenal of bad ass tracks that will leave you cheering for more!!!

    J-ROCK (San Francisco) (Breaks / Eklektic/Hektic / MAD Productions) Think San Francisco is only about house music? Wrong! There is a new surge of breakbeat in the city by the bay, and J-Rock is a key player! As a resident of the west coast’s longest running drum n’bass/breaks party(Eklektic/Hektic), he has always rocked the dancefloor with his funky-ass style of throwin’ down the most propa beats! People GET READY!!!

    HEMPEY (Breaks / Quantum / Backdoor Records) The only word we came up with to describe his style of music is “HYDRO-BREAKS.” He, alongside his partner in crime DJ D-zire, is responsible for the now infamous Johnson Park Jams and Club Soda Parties. Hempey has been smoking dance floors ever since and is most recently known for his major role in the success of Sunday nights at Shenanigans. Many people already know, but the ones’ who don’t shall learn tonight, the reasons why getting high with Hempey is such a sought after experience.

    BOBBY O’HARA (Electro Breaks / Straight out of south Florida this guy knows what the music is all about with the tightest mixes and top notch track selection he always pleases the crowd with a moving experience sure to enhance all your dance cravings, so be sure to check him out when ever you can for a truly unforgettable dj! ! ! !

    INTELLECT (Live P.A.) (Electro Breaks /D3L3T3 Recordings, Peace in Music Productions, Inc. / / PM Conceptz) Dark & Dirty are the only words that can be used to describe this South Florida-based Electro Producer’s style.

    CATALYST (Breaks / Afterlife / Known as the “Mastermind” of “SUNDAY SCHOOL” @ Shenanigan’s, Catalyst was implanted into South Florida from Orlando in 1998. With residencies at some of the most famous Florida night clubs such as Firestone, Cyberzone, Icon and Blue Room, this Central Florida native blows up the dance floors with his anthematic mixes and mind blowing fusion of Orlando Breaks, Old & Nu-School Breaks and Drum-N-Bass.

    GEE-SPOT (Gainesville F.L.) (Special Nu Sckool Breaks Set / / Shoot-2-ill Productions, Groovykix) This Dj bounced on the scene only 2 years ago decimating the dance floor. Playing his special blend of Nu-School breaks and hard electro with his clean mixing style and versatility with any rhythm , Dj Gee-Spot will prove to keep the people dancing and the house rockin!

    SOULTRY (Nu Skool Breaks / Passionflower Productions) DJ Soultry has a fast growing reputation for spinning highly energetic & playfully infectious Nu Skool sets in which the only antidote is to dance your ass off. Check her out at”

    DJ SLIP187 (Breaks / / Life Support Recordings / Data Bass Music) Master of the U.K. Sound of NuSkool Breaks and 2-Step. Delivering Hard, Sweeping-Bass lines all night long!

    INDOVISUAL (Live P.A.) (Funky Breaks / Positive Productions) Formerly of Love & Light, INDOVISUAL’s solo mission is to enlighten the mind, body, & soul with his unforgettable live performance of Funky Breaks.

    AL-X (Key Largo) (Breaks / The infamous Al-X has been mixing and producing in South Florida for over 6 years. Witness as he drops the bass for you at his first Hazmat Crew showdown.

    MEKKA VS. J STYLES (Electro & NuSkool / 305 Metrx)

    DEVILICIA DIVINE (Breaks / Plur Productions)


    FEOLE (Boston, Mass.) (House / / Owner of one of New England’s most respected crews, Merrimack Valley Posse or regularly known as MVP . This dj has been on the top of his game for ages now, playing gigs up and down the east coast. With solid mixing, excellent programming, and awesome tracks, this is a set really not to miss out on. Straight up house music w/ a breakbeat flavor combined with a taste of the 80’s and you have dj FEOLE . Highly known for rockin that classic remix, or newest dub, FEOLE knows how to get that ass moving all night long. Ask anyone who’s been to one of his most successful and longest running monthly party nights in all of New England, entitled “The Element Parties” and you’ll just see why FEOLE is one to look out for in the coming months !

    SOLARIS (Kansas City)VS. T ZERO (Hard Techno / Techno Justice League / A*C*I*D / Coming to you out of the evil House of Techno this dj from the Midwest is a F*CKIN’ Techno Terror, the likes of which would make even a God quiver and hide. Prepare yourself for an encounter that will explain what the Techno Justice League is all about. Your soul may never be the same again. T zero has been rocking unsuspecting victims and friends with percussive hard techno and acid in SFL since 1997. Advocating a more aggressive Florida free-party and headfuk scene, you’ve heard him bang-out choonz at nightclubs and ground events all over. A major resource for techno information, t zero and’s weekly broadcast at Fridays 8-10pm is now in its 5th complete season. Now, t zero reprezents SFL by body-slamming his opposition with a barrage of pounding, floor-shaking, bass-pummeling, locked grooves and loops. Expect 100% undiluted bizness!

    PAUL HOUWEN (Live P.A.) (Trance / / Evolution Ent./ Lema Recordings) This hardworking Artist/Producer has been in the music scene since the late 80’s. Now after realizing his true calling , Paul Houwen has evolved into one of South Florida’s “Premier Producers”. He is steadily accumulating his arsenal , which he is set to release on Electric Pow Wow 2..this is very special performance not to miss..

    MARC ENERGY (House / Trance / ICU Media) Marc Energy’s positive vibe and talent on the decks make him not only quality artist, but a clubbers favorite. He combines his love of late night house and trance, with a steady hard driving sound that can rock almost any dance floor he encounters. He truly keeps the night alive from dusk to dawn. His unique selection of quality underground music and his precision mixing skills are exactly why he was acquired by ICU media earlier this year and appears on the same roster along with the likes of Kimball Collins, The Tidy Boys and Lisa Lashes to name but a few. One of South Florida’s own talents that has broken through the ranks.

    STEREO TRIBE (Tribal House / lexicon Productions / Stereo Tribe is made up of dj’s Dublex, and Pedro Calcano, these two are no strangers to the South Florida scene. Both of these dj’s will be throwing down everything from Tribal, Funky, Tech House, and Progressive sounds that will keep you groovin’ the whole time they are on. These two have made quite the difference in the Electronic community by throwing events with the Hazmat Crew and with Lexicon Productions. Be sure to keep your eye out in the future for the two very talented dj’s that are taking South Florida by storm.

    MIDAS (New Hampshire) (House / Fortune 500) Known as the northeast’s king of house this dj has been tearing it up for longer than can be remembered. Founder of the well respected organization FORTUNE 500 this dj has been around for ages and it shows during his sets. Some of the tightest mixing you’ll hear combined with awesome track selection and programming be ready for a meltdown that only MIDAS can deliver !

    DEE WASHINGTON (Atlanta, G.A.) (Tribal House / Deep Progressive / / Mission One Ent.) Dee Washington, hailing from Atlanta is all about Progressive Tech-Tribal House. His track selection is taking music to that next level, turning legions into lovers of his signature sound. He is coming to vibe with you, and inspire the next generation; school is in session!!!

    LEAP (New Hampshire) (House / Fortune 500) Deep , classy , vocal house is LEAP’s game. Get ready for a voyage of smooth lines , sexy vocals , funky beats , and a touch of LEAP’s magic as he’s about to bring you on a journey unlike one you’ve been on before. Excellently programmed rhythms , spot-on mixing , and outstanding track selection will have you movin’ those feet to the early morning !

    MATTY VS. JOHN FORCE (New England) (U.K. Hardhouse / ECN’s newest members are here to show you what there all about with a special tag-team of some of the most aggressive music you will hear at this whole event. Fast , Bangin , hoover-driven beats is the order on the night. Be sure to catch these up and coming dj’s making there first ever appearance ! Droppin the hoova for that ass ! Check it out !

    BLUR (U.K. Hardhouse / This dj is one of the only U.K. Hardhouse dj pioneers in the South Florida scene, and he has spun at numerous Hazmat Crew and Lexicon events and he has recently put out his “Heavy Hitters” cd vs. Dj Skully from He is one of South Florida’s favorite Hardhouse dj’s and he is going to show you how he works the crowd. Be prepared to dance your ass off!!

    PEDRO CALCANO (Tech House / Lucifer himself coming to scare the life out of you! Hazmatcrew’s own “haunted house”dj. Watch this guy shoot fire works out his ass!

    ATRIX500 (Hard Techno / This man is one of the hardest techno dj’s Florida has to offer. He will be banging out the hardest beats you can imagine for this event. He will brig only the newest and hardest sh*t out to date. This is why he is one of the Hazmat Crew dj’s, because the Hazmat crew is all about bringing it F*CKING HARD!!!!

    DAtaStore (Hard Techno / Czech Republic / Specific Head Productions) These two dj’s are all about the techno sound and that’s why the Hazmat Crew likes these dj’s so much. They will bring you some hard driving techno beats for your ass to dance to. DAtaStore also throws parties to push the sound of techno in South Florida, which is just another reason why they are such good friends with the Hazmat Crew!

    DANA (Tech House / Specific Head Productions) This dj is going to get you groovin’ to the Tech House sounds. This dj is one of South Florida’s fastest rising stars and he is booked at almost every event in South Florida, he will show his great display of talent at this event, no doubt.

    KIMO PALANI (Trance / Kimo Palani is the type of dj that grabs the vibe of the party by the hand and keeps his thumb on the pulse. Creating a fusion of tight progressive tribal and trance, he is definitely one you will be talking about on the way home. find out more


    JEREMY TIBBS (Orlando) (U.K. Hardhouse /

    SLINKEE (Orlando) (new Sckool Breaks /

    PHILLIP SIDE (Orlando) (Trance/

    VERTIGOA (Psy Trance / one absolute)

    DJ MEANING (Tribal House / Twisted Productions)

    REK ONE (Jungle / Lexicon Productions)

    SLIM PICKINZ (House / Spin Cycle)

    VISION VS. TODD SANDERS (Trance / Baja Beach Club)

    OCTAVIUS (U.K. Hardhouse / Audio Task Force / Tidy Trax)

    TWISTER (Tribal House / Twisted Productions)

    ED COCAINE (Breaks / lexicon Productions)

    VENUE: Okalee Indian Village on the Northwest Corner of Stirling Road & Hwy 441 (SR7) “Immerse yourself in Native American spirituality as you listen to the worlds best dj’s. The Venue is what will make this party one to remember! This years Electric Pow-wow Festival is going to take place on the sacred pow-wow grounds of the Seminole Tribe. The vibes are thick and run deep with native American history. It is a more appropriate venue for this type of pow-wow to take place in. It is a virgin-venue located right next door to where the 2001 pow-wow took place. There will be 15hrs of music, so bring all the positive energy you can, and dance the night away!

    VENUE CAPACITY: 15,000

    PRODUCTION: Sound and lights will be provided by Heavy Weight Sound and Specific Head Productions. These two sound companies provided the sound and lights at Clash of the Titans this year, so if you were there, you know both sound companies are not F*ckin’ around!!! Enough Said!!!

    TIME FOR MAIN EVENT: 15 hours of music!!! Gates open at 1:00 p.m. and gates close at 4:00 a.m.

    AFTER PARTY: 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. There will be an official After Party @ The Saint Night Cub in Ft. Lauderdale (The Best Club in Town!). Directions to the Saint from the Okalee Indian Village are on the back of the flyer. It will be $5 admission for presale ticket stub holders and 10$ for everyone else.

    AGES: All ages and 21+ if you want to drink

    There will be alcohol for those 21+


    Live clubbing was set up and established in 2001′ by Andrew Moore. Since that time live clubbing has done several world renowned web casts such as the Tony de Vit Memorial, Heaven, Essential Festival, and several others. Live clubbing offers full video/audio web casts from around the world all 100% live. With a comprehensive archive of all your favorite dj’s and special events, it is our honor to have them web cast the Electric Pow-Wow 2. Live on the internet on December 7th on the main stage straight outta South Florida so that everyone who can’t attend can still catch all the madness. !!!! Visit for all the detailed info !!!!

    VENDORS: There will hundreds of vendors here at this event ranging from Air Brush Body Painting, Massage Girls, Body Piercing, Tattooing, Jewelry, Food, Drinks, Clothing, Music, and anything else you can think of. If you are interested in vending at this event please contact Alex at or Ralph at We have over 50 Tiki Huts that are covered and have electric power and they all come with there own lighting.

    PROMOTING and UPCOMING TALENT: If you are interested in promoting for this event or any Hazmat Crew event and you are a serious and motivated person please contact Frankie B. from The Hazmat Crew, his e-mail address is The Hazmat Crew is always looking for new talent. We are not just looking for great dj’s, we are looking for great dj’s that play a harder style of electronic music, have good attitudes and have the motivation it takes to make our crew bigger and better! You could be the best dj in the world but if your attitude and motivation lacks, we would never book you. If you are interested in being part of our team and think you have what it takes, then contact Ralph Turner at

    INFO LINES: 954.823.1424 AND 954.460.5908













    INFORMATION ABOUT THE CREWS INVOLED: The Hazmat Crew, Plur Productions,,, East Coast NRG, and Lexicon Productions

    THE CREWS INVOLED: All the crews involved in this event are bonded by friendship and love for electronic music. We have united as one to come together from other cities and other states such as San Francisco, Atlanta, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Boston, NYC, and here in Miami to make this event happen! We are a driving force of motivation that will not stop. We will make sure this is one party you will never forget, and we will make sure in the future, it is the same way. We will be looking forward to seeing everyone having a great time and dancing all night long to the music we love so much. We promise the vibe will be awesome!!!

    PLUR PRODUCTIONS (Florida): Founder of the Warpath and creator of the Electric Pow-Wow, Plur Productions has dedicated itself to the South Florida scene for the pure love of music. Plur Productions is also dedicated to the creation of the perfect environment to throw the best parties that they are capable of. If you thought last years environment was something special, wait until you see what we have in store for you this year.

    MVP PRODUCTIONS (New Hampshire): Founded only two years ago, Merrimack Valley Posse Productions, better known as MVP, has risen to become one of the most respected crews in New England. Headed by front man Joe Feole, MVP consists of a group of DJs dedicated to their music, keeping the scene alive, and just plain out having fun. MVP started New England’s longest running monthly party called “The Element Parties”. Working closely with the EastCoastNrg and Fortune500 crews, MVP keeps it about the music and having fun. With their website, and many more “Element Parties” as well as more large scale events to come, MVP vows to keep the scene alive with only the best music to offer.

    MADDHATTERRADIO.COM (San Francisco & Atlanta): Supporting the progression of Dance Music and its culture. is a journey into dance music featuring live audio, audio archives, Dj Bios and party pics from around the U.S. We are an internet radio site and production company dedicated to the development of dance music and its culture. Every week local djs and headliners from around the U.S. will be showcased spinning live sets on . Special events and parties will also be covered by us and broadcasted live on our site. In addition, you can keep up to date on all the latest happenings from around the U.S. so be sure to check us out @…

    THE HAZMAT CREW and LEXICON PRODUCTIONS (Florida): The Hazmat Crew was founded by Ralph Turner a.k.a Hardrive in the year 2000 and Lexicon Productions was founded by Alex Cruz a.k.a Dublex. The two production companies joined together and started a crew so they could get more involved with the electronic music scene. Both Ralph and Alex have made the crew into a close family of friends who all have one thing in common, and that is to share their love for electronic music to everyone else that comes out to the Hazmat and Lexicon events. We are always pushing harder to make sure each event is better than the last. The Hazmat Crew and Lexicon Productions is always trying to set new standards for the South Florida Scene, by bringing in new talent from different cities that play different styles of music. Every Hazmat and Lexicon event has showcased all styles of electronic music ranging from Jungle, Nu-NRG, House, U.K. Hardrhouse, Trance, Breaks, Techno, Two Step, Psy Trance, Ghetto Tech, IDM, Garage, and many more. The Hazmat Crew and Lexicon Productions is dedicated to throwing parties with top notch dj’s with a tremendous amount of talent, and we will continue our efforts in the future to do better and better. Our motivation will not stop, as long as the people who love the music as much as we do, keep coming out to our events. The Hazmat Crew and Lexicon Productions would like to thank everyone that has attended one of our events in the past, because if it was not for the support we get from you, there would be no scene!!

    EASTCOASTNRG.COM (New England): ECN was founded by Johny Mcdonald and Brendon Driscoll aka Johnymac and Skully in the year 2000′ The duo both started the crew to showcase the sound they love and to also become more involved within the scene in general. Since that time has been established and is a well known outlet for hard-dance music in general, including U.K. Hardhouse, nu-nrg , nu-tek , hard techno , and others. The website is the main outlet in which ECN Live Radio is run from. The radio program has been going strong for nearly 3 years now and has featured guests from around the world playing everything from Jungle to house as well as the best talent that the New England area has to offer. The show runs weekly on Thursdays from 7pm. to midnight (est) which has been a great way for visitors to check out and converse on the scene and the current happenings. In 2001 ECN threw its first event at Boston’s only after-hours club ORBIT@CLUB RISE which sold out instantly and was one night that will always be remembered ……. Hard-Dance was born in the New England area. Since that time a new record label , ECN Recordings , has been set up , new website , and several tours have gone off successful. It is there goal to continue this legacy forward by introducing new faces and new sounds to the scene to form a tight nit family of dedicated soldiers all with one very important thing in common………A true love for the music and the scene ! To join in on the maddness please contact


    Remember to check out the best clothing and record store in South Florida, Underground Clothing 954.564.2525, and Karma Records 954.564.4898.


    $20.00 In Advance / $25.00 @ The Door

    Tickets go on September 1, 2002

    V.I.P. Tickets: $50 : Includes entry to the event, all you can drink pass in the special V.I.P. lounge, and free entry to the after party event. For info and V.I.P Ticket purchasing, please contact Frankie B. at or call 954.270.5559 or 954.437.2282.

    After Party: Located at the Saint Night Club, in Ft. Lauderdale. People with presale ticket stubs will only pay $5.00 and everyone else will have to pay $10. The directions to the club are down below.

    Ticket Outlets:


    Miami – Uncle Sams – 305.532.0973

    Hollywood – Backdoor Records – 954.455.3545

    Ft. Lauderdale – Underground Clothing – 954.564.2525

    Ft. Lauderdale – Karma Records – 954.564.4898

    Lauderhill – Uncle Sams – 954.742.2466

    West Palm – On Beat – 561.432.4355

    Boca Raton – Cd Connection – 561.392.3275

    Boynton Beach – Gravity – 561.752.5992

    Orlando – Drop Shop – 407.895.5707

    Tampa – Painted Puppy – 813.932.2006

    Naples – Future Sounds – 407.895.5707

    Gainesville – Urban Wax – 352.337.2982

    Atlanta – Satellite Records – 404.880.9746

    Hotels in the Area:

    Best Western – 954.462.7005

    Comfort Inn – 954.922.1600

    Marriott Resort – 954.989.0200

    Ramada Inn – 954.927.3341

    Homestead Village – 954.476.1211


    American Airlines – 1.800.223.5436

    Continental Airlines – 1.800.231.0856

    Delta Airlines – 1.800.221.1212

    U.S. Air – 1.800.428.4322

    United Airlines – 1.800.241.6522


    Bus Line Info:

    Greyhound – 1.800.231.2222

    Directions to the Okalee Indian Village:

    From Jacksonville to Ft. Lauderdale: Take 95 South to (Exit 25) Stirling Road Stirling Road West (Right) to 441 (SR7) North on 441 (Right) – The Okalee Village is immediately on your left.

    From Miami : Take 95 North to (Exit 25) Stirling Road Stirling Road West (Left) to 441 (SR7) North on 441 (Right) – The Okalee Village is immediately on your left.

    From Orlando: Take the Turnpike and pass highway 595 until you get to Griffin Rd. exit, then take Griffin Rd. East (Left) till you get to State Rd. 7 (a.k.a 441) and then head South (Right) go down a couple of miles and you will see the Okalee Indian Village on your right hand side before you hit Stirling Rd.

    From Tampa and Naples: Take 75 east (alligator alley) till you get to highway 595 east, take 595 east to State Rd. 7 exit (a.k.a 441), then head South (Right) on State Rd. 7 (441), you will pass Griffin Rd. and go down about another mile, you will then see the Okalee Indian Village on your right hand side before you hit Stirling Rd.

    From Atlanta: Take highway 75 to the Florida turnpike, then take Turnpike all the way down to Ft. Lauderdale area and pass highway 595 until you get to Griffin Rd. exit, then take Griffin Rd. East (Left) till you get to State Rd. 7 (a.k.a 441) and then head South (Right) go down a couple of miles and you will see the Okalee Indian Village on your right hand side before you hit Stirling Rd.

    Free Giveaways: There will be free Cd’s, T-Shirts, Records, and other cool stuff given out during the event!!!!


    All persons who attend this event are subject to search prior to entry. Do not bring drugs, alcohol, weapons, or negative attitudes. This is a zero tolerance event!!!

    S.O.S = Save our scene!!! Come out and support, so we can keep these parties going for everyone!!!

    Directions to After Party from the Okalee Indian Village: The Saint Night Club 1000 State rd. 84, Head East on Stirling Rd. till you get to 95, then head North on 95 and exit State rd. 84 (Marina exit) head East (right). Drive east on State Rd. 84 for less than a mile and you will see the club on the right hand side next to the first Union Bank.






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