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DE : SilentMOD Lichtinstallation im Kölner Dom

Forums Life Spirituality, Morality & Religion DE : SilentMOD Lichtinstallation im Kölner Dom

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      @General Lighting 985730 wrote:

      The conservatives/traditionalists (mostly from USA) aren’t too happy about this, calling it Sin, profanation and all sorts else but it has full approval of the church authorities there. (although the Church of England have allowed redundant churches to have similar arts installations).

      I wasn’t expecting myself to see such a thing happening in the Kölner Dom! To be fair it seems respectful enough whilst showing off a lot of modern technology (and better than a great deal of modern Christian music!)

      A short documentary from a German Catholic youth site (worth watching even if you don’t understand the dialogue just to see the theology prof trying to look like a Berlin hipster :laugh_at:)

      did u ever go in Köln? (and saw the Dom)???? what is a BELINER HYPSTER ? Did u mean the man who styled his hairs using 220 V

      I did indeed mean the Professor bloke; although he might not be much older than ourselves and I can see why he acts like that as he has been involved in various projects to combine faith with modern art and design (which to be fair are better than similar attempts in the UK during the 1990s); and its probably difficult to convince young people to go anywhere near a church these days, let alone consider attending a religious University (of which there seem to be loads in DE and NL)

      Unfortunately the only bit of DE I have managed to spend any amount of time in so far was Berlin (for an employer that went bankrupt soon afterwards); and that was 15 years ago now (I was installing equipment in a community TV station for the Turkish people there).

      My former employer planned that job so badly I had to travel from London Heathrow to Berlin via Munich (carrying two GSM mobile phones and a variety of tools and electronic equipment); and got quizzed by border control, although once they saw my British ID and the papers explaining why I was travelling to Germany by that route they thought it was hilarious and only a British company would do such a thing :laugh_at:

      I would like to visit the Kölner Dom at some point in my life – I’ve also seen the daytime broadcasts from ETWN Deutschland; what the conservatives don’t seem to realise is that ETWN has an equally sophisticated setup of lights and robot controlled cameras installed in there to broadcast Mass live, in such a way that they don’t add so much extra light it makes the cathedral look like a cardboard film set (which EWTN USA tends to do), and the cameras and other equipment do not end up getting in the way of everything else going on during the service…

      Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
      wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.






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    Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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    Forums Life Spirituality, Morality & Religion DE : SilentMOD Lichtinstallation im Kölner Dom