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  • Last Thursday night a friend of mine was pulled over, whilst driving
    through South Oxfordshire, by Thames Valley Police.

    He asked as to why he’d been pulled over – the sole reason given was
    that his car showed up on their computer as “a party car”. This could
    have been as his car registration details had been taken whilst parked
    at freeparty sites, or maybe because this lad had been pulled over last
    October en route to a party, to be given a lecture on “why you
    shouldn’t go to raves”.

    FWIW my friend has clean police and criminal records, has never even
    received so much as a caution from the police in his life. He isn’t
    involved in the “organisation” of unlicensed parties (just goes along
    to them and has a good time – nothing illegal about that!), and is not
    involved in criminal activity.

    The Babylon used every trick in the book to try and find something to
    bust him for. Firstly, they refused to believe that the car wasn’t
    stolen – then after establishing particulars of ownership then
    disbelieved that he was who he said he was (i.e. they now thought that
    both the car, and every form of ID in his wallet as well, was also
    stolen). They eventually gave up on this angle.

    Police officer no give me producer

    Yep, what they then wanted was the real sensimilla. Not only that –
    they seemed convinced that he was involved with heroin (utter bollocks
    I might add!) – and were asking for his needles to avoid injury to them
    when searching his car. Turning over the car, they didn’t find any
    ganja, or other prohibited substances.

    Short of finding anything that they could pin on him – they then
    proceeded to bust him for not wearing a seat belt.

    Clearly, this is the usual Thames Valley Police tactic of using
    intimidation and harrassment to try and dissuade young “weekenders”
    from becoming involved with free parties. Nothing new there. But what
    concerns me more is that they automatically assumed that he was
    involved in car-theft and heroin use, just because the car he’d been
    driving had been spotted at, or on the way to freeparty sites. Perhaps
    this is the kind of bollocks that police officers get fed by their
    superiors to make them hate us. My friend has stable employment in the
    construction industry. Perhaps what we need is some positive spin to
    counter the lies and propaganda – though it seems that the Babylon have
    their own agenda, one that goes far beyond merely upholding the law.


    This is really horrible ! Makes you wonder whether the Thames Valley Pigs have a scheme all of their own : clean out the free party area/organizers entirely, so lots and lots of people are literally craving for some boogie. Then start up big commercial events, and as there’s nothing left these people, having been boogieingly challenged, are willing to actually pay for it. Of course, the TVP will by then have established heavily guarded ganja plantations, the produce of which they can then sell to the partypeople. And all of this funded by government…

    Oops – sorry, I’m ranting. Must be a boring day at work…….






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