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  • DMT (DiMeThyltryptomine)

    This natural and mysterious chemical intrigues me to no end. I’m compiling a study on it.
    If anyone here knows of a little elf that may have smoked/ingested it, I would be very interested to hear your elfs story and perception of it. anything.
    please feel free to email me, or post on forum.


    By far the weirdest hallucinogenic to me [Messy] …. but there’s more exploring to do still. I didn’t have the full-on machine elf trip, as I smoked it from a joint instead of a glass pipe. Advantage: very doseable, after the first whiff nothing happened, after the second I seemed to zoom in on everything at once, rather weird. The people I saw (this was on an afterparty – I know, not a divine setting but hey, if it’s available why not try it) seemed to be cardboard, while still being able to measure depth… Can’t explain it more than that. Plus that I’ve never seen green so green, and fractal leafs and a general sense of well-being. I had the pleasure to have a fellow tripper, so we could recount to one another what we experienced. Mightily fun. Not to be done too often for me tho, this is borderline stuff.


    Although I doubt it’s my thing, it sounds like a hilarious drug. I remember hearing from Simon that after they smoked some on Dam square with his mate Pete, they watched themselves turn into park benches for 15 minutes. God I would have loved to have seen the look on their faces… 🙂

    I recently smoked some in a reefer, i didn’t fully trip but i did get the distinct impression had i of used a pipe (we just couldn’t get one at the time) It would of knocked my socks off. I really want to get some more as growing it just wouldn’t be practical at my house. I would love to find a source…

    well I haven’t exerimented with dmt yet and I would love to try it, i’ve heard about the trip though and its supposed to be very inlightning more so than acid, i’ve heard that it shows you the reality of life like a picture perhaps!! But it does sound amazing I love tripping so would definately love to try it but is it not hard to come across, I mentioned it to some of my friends and they haden’t even heard of it?? does n e 1 have n e ideas of prices and stuff??

    Smoked some for the first time on Mon. night and it took my fuckin head off! My mate extracted it from Mimosa hostilis bark.Check out for info. You can get the bark & various other sources from and enjoy!

    Im actually going to amsterdam in january so naturaly will be doin plenty of mushies, but wot are the laws like on dmt out there are they as relaxed as with mushies and cannabis?? I really want to try it does anybody no where I can get some from there??

    I had a pipe, full of DMT about 6/7 years ago, when i was about 16/17 years old.

    I’d never heard of the drug untill the day i took it. I was told; it’s extracted from the bark of a tree in brazil, some tribes smoke it as part of their relgion, the hit i was about to take would last 30mins and there wouldn’t be any back-ender (i would be exactly as i was before the hit).

    I was told to take the whole pipe in one go, hold it in for as long as possible, then slowly blow it out. I did exactly as i’d been told and was tripping out on the smoke coming out of my mouth! The next thing i rember is everything went black, i didn’t know if my eye’s were open or closed! The next thing i rember is saying “i don’t like this, when’s it gona end”. (When i took the hit i was sitting on the floor with my back against a wall.) The next thing i rember is i was laying on the floor, pushing myself up with one hand and i was tripping out big time on my hand, like the sort of thing you’d imagine seeing on a bad trip but i wasn’t freaking out, just looking and thinking wow! My hand was a shade of dark red and all the veins and bones were pulsating, volcano style! Then i looked around the room and everything was in really pritty colours, the wall paper was thin blue and white stripes but i was seeing it as tones of peach and various other colours that i can’t remember, there were colours i’d never seen before and can’t describe! The next thing i remember is looking at the clock and realising my 30mins were over and i was exactly as i was before i took the hit.

    Basicly, it put me under!

    I dont recommend making DMT in the UK, the authorities are in bed with the chemical supply houses.

    Someone I know got busted for producing DMT, he was charged with CLASS A drug production. It was only his first offence but he still went to prison for three months. Id sooner buy it off someone. He was using the natural source extration method as well.

    my experience of it is this: a plastic vapourised tasted in my mouth a warm buzzing sicky feeling like the coming up on 10 grams of mdma!!!!, a oh i think i need to lye down feeling came upon me then the gatway to the fabric of existance where everything is fluid and one and etherial and the essence of time and travel and entity become one, i disapeared in me head, and came back to my space needing nought but a spliff

    great with an MAO-INHIBITOR







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