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  • You need to read the schools handbook/rules of conduct. They may have a rule in there allowing them to look like they have the powers to do this.

    Fortunately, you have never signed any agreement/contract??? (guessing no here) so you have not agreed to any terms/conditions to be a student there. You could write a good letter to your head/whoever governs, outlining these points, aswell as the facts that canabis can stay in your blood for over 30 days after smoking, and in your urine for up to 14 days…. you may have been in Holland/Canada toking in your time in a decriminalised enviroment which could give you a positive sample test result even though you have broke no laws, and a test in this circumstance is a huge invasion of your privacy and human rights.

    IMHO send a stern but not aggressive letter and say you will not be subjected to these tests anymore, and if a dismisal from school happens because of this action, you will not hesitate to take this further (sue the Fcukers)


    The Addict

    OOoops double post

    Why did you stay on till six form at this school are there no other schools in your area.

    Its unfortunate your friend admitted he was buying drugs for all of you (stupid) as this is an admission of dealing, lesson learnt I guess NEVER admit drugs are for anyone except yourself. Even if you have kilos you can successfully use personal possession as a defense in court. Always say nothing.

    As for the school testing you, Um grey area, you are within your rights to refuse an INVASION of privicy of this nature, the school is playing scare tactics and I doubt they could legally inforce an expulsion on the grounds of refusing a drug test, If it comes down to it seek legal help.

    There are people out there who will help you with this, try some of the larger drug sites for more comprehensive legal advice.






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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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