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  • drugs awareness information is now available on partyvibe: Illegal Drugs

    …although ‘awareness’ may be a little misleading. ‘meanderings’ might be more to the point. All feedback gratefully rec’d. whaddya think?

    is ‘meanderings’ a real word or did you just make that up? i take your point though…


    bloody hippies!

    is ‘meanderings’ a real word or did you just make that up?

    rivers meander through valleys. In a wibblier way than canals, which tend to be straight (unless you’re in Amsterdam, in which case they take a more circuitous route). I think I made up wibblier smile.gif (and I note your hair is even shorter than mine atm, M. hippy)

    excellent to see you this weekend! it’s definetely been too long… god! how many people were there at the party. i’m so pleased that i managed to speak to most at least briefly…

    anyhow, i’ve looked through the pictures we took. they’re all good. expect embarasment soon!

    heheh (better be nice to me now)

    it wasn’t me! it was someone pretending to be me, honest. I’m obviously far too sensible to have pulled that face

    g-e-o-f-f-r-e-y :bounce_fl






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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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