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Drugs raid on top London nightclub

Forums Drugs Drugs raid on top London nightclub

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    One of the capital’s best known nightclubs has been raided by police investigating allegations of Class A drug dealing.

    More than 200 Scotland Yard officers swooped on The Fridge in the heart of Brixton, south London after the dramatic raid was triggered by a command of “attack, attack” at just after 11.25pm last night.

    Scores of officers then burst in through the front door while others covered the rear.

    The raid came as hundreds of clubbers were arriving for the start of the venue’s “Polysexual” night, which had been due to run until 2pm today.

    It follows a two-month covert intelligence operation that identified the alleged dealing of Class A drugs, thought to include cocaine and ecstasy.

    Police intelligence suggested the alleged dealing was taking place inside and around the female toilets.

    Within an hour of the raid, police made five arrests.

    Earlier yesterday, in connection with the raid, a 29-year-old man was arrested in Harrow, north-west London, on suspicion of possession of intent to supply controlled drugs.

    The operation, codenamed Atun, was led by CO14, Scotland Yard’s specialist clubs and vice unit, and included officers from the Territorial Support Group.

    They swept into the club – which is housed in an old converted cinema – took control of the foyer and the dancefloor, turned the music off and the lights up.

    Plain-clothes officers, operating undercover, were inside the club as the raid began.

    Some clubbers were then brought into the foyer and searched for drugs.

    Anyone found in possession was likely to be given a caution.

    Senior officers were keen to stress the raid was not targeted at a particular type of music or style of event, but was instead designed to meet community concerns.

    However, many disgruntled revellers who had to leave the venue complained that their night had been ruined and asked why it was necessary to halt the night rather than just remove the alleged dealers.

    Chief Superintendent Martin Bridger, Borough Commander for Lambeth, apologised to those who had travelled a long way to the club only to see their night end prematurely.

    He said that substances thought to be ecstasy and cocaine had been found at the club, and insisted that drug dealing had to be tackled.

    “Drug dealers and the misery they cause are not welcome in Lambeth.

    “The local community and police will not tolerate their criminal behaviour.”

    Mr Bridger indicated that the venue’s licence would now be reviewed.

    “What is clear is that there will be a review of the premises and the control mechanisms they have in place for keeping drugs out of the premises,” he said.

    this is the 25th anniversary of the Brixton riots, I wonder if one reason for this op was merely a show of strength to show that the cops are in control?

    it shows though how much even licensed party venues are despised by wider society – even the naming of CO14 as the “Clubs and Vice” unit..

    imagine if operation Trident was called the “Blacks and Crime” unit, there would be an (understandable) outcry…






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Forums Drugs Drugs raid on top London nightclub