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DSEi fallout – money, money, money $$£££€€€

Forums Life Money DSEi fallout – money, money, money $$£££€€€

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  • following protests from Docklands residents that they will have 2 pay for the cost of policing DSEi (about £1 million) due to dealing with protesters – the Metropolitan Police Authority is now considering charging all event organisers to recover policing costs.

    Unfortunately, although this may mean DSEi have to “pay their way”; they can afford it (the weapons sold to poor countries will just cost more) – the Met are now looking to recover costs from all pop concerts, festivals and other occasional music events. In other words licensing costs will go up. I understand a peace rally in East London was already stopped this way (large fee demanded at last minute).

    There is also a potential extra clampdown on unlicensed events – which may even be assisted by licensed promoters who are angry at others getting a free ride. In Britain there used to be some kind of “gentlemans agreement” that commercial promoters never grassed up unlicensed events (at least in my area) – but the polis are now “spinning” them in2 doing so – “why should those pikeys get away with it when u and ur punters have had 2 pay 4 a license”?

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Forums Life Money DSEi fallout – money, money, money $$£££€€€