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  • Anybody out there into DXM?? (dextromethorphan) I have done it a few times… but i need to know the health risks there are with it. It has to be doin’ somthin to me, so yeah. Thanks for your help!!

    I personally have done a whole lot of DXM, and am quite a fan of it…if you wanna know risks and such you should definately check out and see what they have to say….

    I’ve been doing dxm since I was 17 years old, I’m currently 23. I’ve been drinking about eight ounces of Robitussin Maximum Strength cough every day for about the last three years or so. And quite frequently before that. I’m fine, at least I’m not dead anyways. I plan on having a sonogram done on my innards to reveal exactly to what extent, if any, the dxm has damaged my prescious inner workings. I’m really not that worried about the damage, but if anything I could only imagine there might be an ulcer forming. I take tums most of the time now when I drink the sizurup, ’cause I get a slight tummy ache otherwise. But mentally, I’ve always come back to normal after taking a slight vacation from my use.
    I’ve been to treatment seven times now, all inpatient, and I’m still quite thoroughly addicted. And the only long period of time I’ve actually been sober, longer than about a week, has been in jail. I was sober 45 days, much longer than about the five days I would ever be sober in treatment (I always found a way to sneak some syrup in treatment, even when I admitted myself into treatment).
    But really, I’m quite content with my life. I’ve managed to function quite proficiently while under the influence of large amounts of cough syrup. I’m usually on it all day long and sleep while I’m still tripping. It does tend to make me a bit drowsy during the day sometimes when I’m on really long super binges. I think that’s because I don’t sleep as well as I would if I were thoroughly sober. All it takes though is another big dose of the syrup to get me movin’ again. And they make pills now too, not those shitty Coriciden pills, but actual Robitussin pills. I find that my stomach has become quite accustomed to the syrup though, it’s as if it adjusts the amounts of acids in my stomach to dissolve the syrup better. I notice a change in my stool when I stop using for short periods, and then again when I go back on it. But slowly my body readjusts to my usage again. That’s all I’ve really got to say for right now.







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