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Ecstasy deaths ‘double in year’

Forums Drugs Ecstasy & MDMA Ecstasy deaths ‘double in year’

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  • For a start i am not either for or against e usage,

    From a recent report it stated 4 million e’s are consumed in the UK every week

    thats 208 million a year and there were 40 deaths last year,

    but how many of these were caused due to:

    A; not been an e

    B: double dropping, (major problem in clubs. take one nothing happen for 20 mins so have another = fitting<

    c: Not following basic guidelines, dr4ink water, chilling out ect,

    IMO the recent problem is not that drugs are getting more dangerous – but that we have a lot more poly-drug use where people cane it a lot more with other stuff, and also the people on the scene are now old enough to have small children, who are sometimes left to wander around houses and other areas where drug users congregate.

    Plus, the stuff is cheaper, and sketchy ravers are thus becoming more careless about dropping or mislaying stashes containing such drugs!

    This, of course, increases the danger of accidental ingestion of the substances by children – which is what appears to be happening more frequently.

    MDMA is no more or no less toxic than it ever was. What needs to happen is for users to take more consideration of the environments in which they are consuming the drug (and who else may see it) – and for their own safety and that of children take appropriate safety precautions.

    Look at it this way – I have to clean my bike every so often with various day-glo coloured degreasers which look like alcopops or soft drinks. I don’t go around decanting the stuff into drinks bottles or leaving it around where kids may find it….

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.

    Honest coverage of drug issues is too much to ask for, I guess. Shame really.

    in the uk no distinction is made about causes of death if you have taken an E and die it is classed as an ecstasy death,

    lea bets for example died from drinking to much water, which fucked up her bodies thermostat….

    She died from drinking because she was told to, and when her parents found out she had taken E they pratically pushed water down her (allegedly) missinformation killed her not E.

    many other deaths are also due to impurities and poly drug use.

    if forexample you have been up for 4 days on base speed(crystal meth) smoked crack, drank two litres of vodka and also taken an E and you die it will be listed as an E death as that suits the gouvernments policies.:mad:

    are u serious? i never knew that. LOL

    in slovenia we had only 2 ectasy deaths … in 2001 … both were the consequences of mixing XTC and other ATS (mostly speed) … we have reliable sources providing accurate information about ATS, using, avoiding consequences … in a way we are holding a candle to the devil with information like how to avoid postXTC depression and some ppl would really like to nunu.gifand vis.gif us for that ….

    I totally agree with u cliffchuff,
    The way that the media potray xtc use is apauling giving people the wrong information such as DRINK LOADSA WATER!!!! they dont metion the fact that u can also drown urself if u drink to much!!
    I believe that most deaths form xtc are from wrong information givin by media and symply haveing an allergic reaction to something which has been mixed in with the xtc tab like u cud have to the wrong type of food!






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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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Forums Drugs Ecstasy & MDMA Ecstasy deaths ‘double in year’