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  • Exodus festival was well cool!

    Got stuck both nights at Ground zero who were playing some kicking Psy Trance on the other side of the underpass. Shame they had to close down early on the Friday, but the Saturday made up for it. Also managed to catch Headfuk on the Saturday. As good as ever! Just a shame I found out about Citizen Fish and Pain a little too late… Always next time I guess.

    title5e.gif One of these days, I’ll get around to sorting out a few more party photos too on my site too… One of these days anyway!

    Comment from a mate: “Why doesn’t somebody tell Exodus that MCing over the top of a tune doesn’t sound cool! They really need to be told” redface.gif)



    keep up the good work with the site. The best source for outdoor parties
    on the web!!! (as far as I know, anyway)

    PS – There are some Undertow piccies on the web ( from one of this summers parties that was on the list. It was one of the south oxfordshire Adrenaline ones (5th Aug on the Ridgeway?). Another good party, from what I remember although I don’t remember a lot except good tunes (4-5 systems), good people and 2 cool cops(?) that came along, had a cuppa tea, had a (very friendly) chat with a few people and a few systems and then wandered off with huge smiles on their faces! Pucker!



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