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Fake Valium?

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  • Hi just needs your advice…..Yesterday i bought white pills with Roche 10 on pill off someone who claimed its Valium but ive never seen these kind of valium before and thought its probs dodgy and fake! Anyone tried white Roche 10?

    At least here in Britain (probably throughout Europe), A 10 mg diazepam tablet (from Roche or anywhere else) is normally colour coded blue. (White tablets are 2mg, yellow 5mg).

    if it isn’t totally bunk, it may contain etizolam. Be very careful, as the “strong” dose for this stuff is as small as 2mg. It also has shorter half life, so you might be tempted to take more (if you are a regular user)

    Did a google search and one site said roche 10 valiums are blue and have a hole in the middle. I found some other sites saying that it might be real and that roche does make 10mg white valiums although that seemed more dubious.

    Sorry not to have a definite answer if the engraving looks crisp and the pill looks like it was made in a pharmaceutical facility then it has a chance of being real, to me from what I can tell from the photo I’m gonna say no that it is etizolam or street diazepam most likely and not valium.

    over the years I’ve personally seen blue 10 mg and yellow 5 mg tablets (both via legit NHS sources) – my late father used to have a repeat script for hundreds of the yellow ones (these were originally Roche but changed to generics in the 1990s, but remained yellow)

    Snce the 1990s its more common in England for doctors to prescribe generics, but the colour coding is preserved irrespective of brand as both patients and nurses (in places like senior homes) expect it to remain constant (which makes sense when dealing with batches of bulk pills for multiple patients).

    I don’t know what country Gaz is in, but I’d be surprised if colour schemes diverged wildly across the World as the same meds tend to get licenced everywhere…

    I found a news article about diversion at a Roche plant in Australia that seemed to have white pills although whether that is a stock photo or not I don’t know. There was also some stuff about how to identify legit 10mg Roche white valium and there was some talk on bluelight about things being manufactured by a third party with a Roche imprint.

    In the medical cluster fuck of the USA the pills will be different from one national pharmacy chain to another and can lack consistency even at the same dosage so I’m used to seeing stuff that may seem dodgy but is just a weird generic even though there are lots of fakes.

    Either way proceed with caution Gaz. That seems to be a fake.

    Hi Everyone Thanks for the replies….I went on WEDINOS site and had a look at tested samples photos and regonized few exactly same as mine and they tested them as ETIZ…..Im hoping its either 1 or 2mg Elitz, im not planning to go crazy on them….Bought them for Alcohol WD, im thinking maybe take 1 3x a day for 2 days then hopefully ill be back normal again. By the way im from Scotland. ?

    Bought 25 for £10 fuckin hell man!

    Sounds like a good plan. Most likely is etizolam which will do the trick for alcohol withdraw. Keep us updated!

    [quote quote=1261827]Bought 25 for £10 fuckin hell man![/quote]Should be plenty to get through withdraw.

    Yeah man I feel 3x a day for 2 days should be fine. I known i should have went to the GP but the waiting listnare appalling and i wanted to stop now u know what i mean mate.

    [quote quote=1261831]Yeah man I feel 3x a day for 2 days should be fine. I known i should have went to the GP but the waiting listnare appalling and i wanted to stop now u know what i mean mate.[/quote]Yep, better to quit now, as long as you have something to prevent a withdrawal grand-mal then it doesn’t really matter where it came from.

    Yeah Wanted to be normal again b4 xmas then no morebooze thats for sure. They r evil. enough is enough.

    Last drink around 12.30am (had 5 pints) just took ome etiz and im feeling calm but no effect like real valium….will take another one at dinner time then one before bed. will keep u updated pal.

    Etizolam won’t seem as strong due to shorter half life, it can “catch up on you” (at least it did for me sometimes)

    I did use to combine alcohol and Etizolam (thankfully only for recreation/relaxation) – and found there was a very thin line between a relaxing evening listening to European pop music from the 1970s and 1980s on pirate radio stations, and completely passing out in a random part of the house and waking up in some confusion (including once managing to send Tryptameanie messages in Dutch (which he doesn’t speak), with absolutely 0 recollection of even doing this).

    This year I have been the most sober I have ever been since the 1980s, having finally got my driving licence and I don’t even drink regularly any more (as I want to be safe on the roads, and stay out of trouble!)

    Worth mentioning that Valium has a very very long half life and etizolam has a very short half life so if you feel it wear off and are still in alcohol withdrawal and need to take a 4th in a day it may be a good idea.






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