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  • touching to know he cares enough to have the beach cleaned up at his own cost… wanker!

    Widely-reported deaths not attributable to Big Beach Boutique, claims Norman Cook’s PR company Other festival stories

    THE Big Beach Boutique, the huge outdoor seaside event headlined in Brighton on July 13th by Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim, didn’t give rise directly to any fatalities, according to information released by Norman Cook’s PR company. It had been widely reported that a man died of a heart attack on the night, and that a nurse died in hospital three days later after falling from the upper esplanade to the lower promenade.

    However, according to the Darling Department statement, “no-one suffered a heart attack at or near the event”.
    “The tragic death of the Australian nurse, Karen Manders, was not directly linked to the event as her tragic fall happened some 4 hours after Norman had left the stage, and most of the crowd had dispersed,” the statement added.

    160 people were injured at the event, mainly consisting of minor cuts. Of these, 70 were dealt with by ambulance crew and first aiders on-site. Eleven people were taken off site for hospital treatment, and there were only six arrests. Many UK cities report more incidents on a regular Saturday night, and considering the near-quarter of a million people who showed up for the party these numbers are pretty low.

    The beach has been cleared and cleaned of a total of 150 tonnes of rubbish and glass, paid for by Norman Cook and not by local taxpayers.

    It has not been decided whether the event can take place next year. While most heralded the atmosphere on the night as special, there have been murmurs of complaint from Brighton free party organisers who fear that their good relationship with the police and attention to clean-up may have been damaged by the Fatboy on the Beach event.

    In the last issue of DJmag, Norman commented: “I love a bit of chaos, but the closer it gets the more scared I get someone might get hurt. If someone drowned at my show it’d be on my conscience forever.”

    I have a kinda grudging respect for ‘stormin-Norman’- in that he bangs out tunes under a variety of names at a rate of knots. Not that most of the stuff he does is my thing but it is a cut above the majority of chart based dance music.
    As for the Brighton beach thing-looks like the promoters & organisers let their wallets do the thinking for them, which seems to be why people who were injured or even died are ignored for the sake of a few bucks.






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