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  • After years of getting nothing but emty promises I finally managed to get hold of some DMT and my god it is unlike probably any psychedelic I have ever taken. Effects are almost instant and highly intense yet the time to get back to baseline is even shorter than 5-MeO-MALT and seems to leave no uncomfortable/irritating after effects.:crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy::bounce_fl:bounce_g::bounce_o:

    Cool my dude. Good to hear, I guess it’s still on my bucket list.

    I’d heard about the stuff since the 90s (it was regularly mentioned on alt.drugs on the Usenet) but always assumed it was near unobtanium in Blighty as I’ve only been aware of people getting it a handful of times (in comparison LSD would be plentiful even though its availability was always sporadic).

    Then again I expect its not really the sort of stuff you want to do at a full on rave or a hectic squat (which was where the bulk of my drugs experiences during the 90s/00s occured)…

    I suspect most DMT found over here is extracted from MHRB rather than synthesized but apparently the synth is relatively easy. Definitely not one for a rave though lol

    The synth is super easy compared to LSD for example. Def less available than LSD pretty much anywhere in the world.

    Much easier synth than LSD but then most things are plus the fact that 1 gram of LSD can yield 10,000 100ug doses it would seem logical to me that the proit margins on LSD are enourmous compared to DMT. Also with that many doses/gram you need very few people actually producing LSD and still be able to meet demand.

    If we said 1 good dose of DMT was 50mg that’s 20 doses/gram which is 500 times fewer doses than LSD so you’re gonna need a lot of precursors and chemicals to produce enough DMT to supply a market. Also, while I’ve heard DMT is a comparatively easy synthesis, I have no idea what precursors and how easily obtainable the synth requires.

    The chemicals for the synth aren’t super hard to get, but probably difficult to get a ton of without looking supsicious.

    Yeah most likely

    Check out that snyth, some of the stuff is stupidly easy to get ahold of in whatever quantity suits you whereas some of it is more difficult and for the lower yielding synth you only get 10% by weight of DMT from the starter material of tryptophan. So if producing DMT and selling it wholesale was your sole source of income you’d need a lot of weird chemicals. Pretty easy to see why folks with the aptitude just go straight to synthesizing LSD and also it is easy to see why people often extract DMT rather than synthesizing it.

    unfortunately in our country if you are not white (or even if you are but are Catholic / from outside England) gathering such chemicals can inciite suspicion.

    Also the Fire Brigade don’t like you keeping benzine/petroleum ether indoors above 0,5 litres (which is fair enough). If you do it should be in a metal box marked up and secured.

    They (local cops, metpol, fire brigade + MOD special units) busted some Welsh dude near me and he wasn’t even making drugs, just using the solvents for making microscope slides and other experiments but he had them all stored in a wooden shed.

    the main problem with these kinds of experiments is finding the space; you need clear space with a good ventilator fan and well away from anything that can make a spark (and lots of stuff can, even when you plug in a laptop power charger nearby, the inrush current on these creates quite a big spark)

    Otherwise this can happen:

    Gotta store your supplies intelligently.

    Pmsl loving the video clip

    @smokemary 987572 wrote:

    Pmsl loving the video clip

    our modern appliances in Suffolk (those are older ones) still have the nee naws on the siren control but they are the electronic sort now rather than the original compressed air horns…

    whatever these folk in London were making they didn’t take the correct precautions (there is no mains gas to flats like this, only electricity for safety reasons, so they were either using butagas and allowing gas to let by or some other low flashpoint solvent.

    Unfortunately since the 80s and all the terrorist paranoia young people aren’t taught how to use these solvents correctly. A few years ago a fireman told me and my mates “we like a good fire too, as long as no one gets hurt (which is why most firefighters join up in the first place), so if you are going to start a (controlled) one do it properly and safely” :laugh_at:

    Preparation of drug ‘possible cause’ of explosion at Hornchurch flats – News – Romford Recorder

    That report could either be the 2 morons making butane extracted oil from cannabis or the one story i ever read about in the UK of a man blowing a house up making meth lol

    I vaguely recall the butane explosion being in Scotland as the lads involved got charged with “culpable and reckless conduct leading to an explosion” which is one of those particularly Scottish legal things.

    Metpol have announced they do not think it was a “cannabis factory”, TBH if these burn they are usually “slow burner” fires caused by overloaded wiring / attempts to bypass meters and insufficient protective devices or lamps setting alight combustible material (less common nowadays now glow lamps are rarely used).

    Whatever was going on here, it is the sort of rank stupidity that keeps prohibition going; as there were loads of folk made temporarily homeless and the whole estate has got bad publicity. 10 years ago my postcode district was classed as a “bad/rough area” (it was never that bad and has improved loads in recent times) and the schools are still having to try and encourage kids to try and rise above the stereotypes (as even today employers here judge people on which areas they grew up in)






Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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