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  • hello

    i think i’m register’d but i can’t remember my PW or even my user name… ah well….

    anyone interested in a free holiday in the most beautiful part of South West france (sorry, i actually mean, free accomodation and a bit of bread and wine!) then get in touch with me – you’ve got to be nice (!), really love the countryside, shut-up when it’s late and, most of all, be keen on either working with stone or clearing land….

    females/couples preferred

    it’s my place you’d be working on and so, if we get on, you’d always be welcome back….

    there’s lots of catches, lots of reward too, but it ’tis genuine

    youve also got to like wine, sun and swimming


    ps whatever happened to the DC site????

    pps anyone interested contact me on my e-mail

    Hi Jane,

    could you clarify on the “catches and rewards” so everyone here has an idea what they’re in for?



    Catches are, you have to make your own way here and back.. there are one or two (that’s a lie, there are at least a dozen) large poisonous snakes in the land to be cleared (we’ll give you something to protect yourself, like a big stick or a shotgun!), there’s no music hereabouts and, er, you have to do some work.. (The only drugs are alcohol and tobacco too!!!!)

    The rewards are free suntan, lots of wine, peace and quiet, good work experience (honest), the chance to speak French etc.. but most of all you get to meet me and, if we get on, like i said, you can always come back in future years (when the place is done up!) and either park up or visit or whatever for free..


    Thanks Jane,

    that’s clear. I hope you find a safe spot for the snakes…







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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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Forums Life free holiday(s) in france…