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  • Sound Conspiracy, a major cog in the European teknival scene, suffered a
    tremendous blow within the last two weeks frown.gif

    After a summer of having it large all over the continent the collective brought their sound system back to Portugal to carry out repairs and to rest and recuperate. While they were there a very large forest fire took hold in that region of Portugal, and in the chaos, a cottage, in which Sound Conspiracy bods lived, the trucks which housed the 10k sounds (including the amp racks )and a few more living vehicles, all perished in the raging inferno. Luckily no one was seriously injured, but ten years of work and dedication has gone up in flames. They now need help to get another sound system together so they can carry on putting on large scale, free teknivals all over Europe…

    Send donations to Miss D J Ward, Abbey National: sort code-09-01-26, account
    number: 483 71 752.

    For more info visit

    Watch this space for info on benefit nights coming up!

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