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  • VERY nice to meet you mate!!!! Top bloke. I very much hope to see you at plenty more parties in the future!

    When did you finally leave?? Twas the most beautifull morning I have experienced in a long time. That tree line made a fantastic backdrop to the party when the sun arrived.

    What a blinding party.

    😀 Chers m8. It was really good to talk to you and your crew it was a fantastic nite and I feel sorry for anybody who missed it I really do 😉 We eventually left at about 2:30 when the Enviro crew and Itchy Fingers started to break down their rigs (It must be the earliest I have ever left a party). But I can’t complain, you had some choice choons coming out and I was rocking all night 😀

    There was only one little hitch just as we were leaving the police (although they seemed cool when they come on site) were outside the track gate and pulling everybody over as they left the site (WHY?) so that put a little downer on it. But when I got home I decided to have an after party at mine (about 20 people came I don’t remember asking half of them to come)and I put that CD you gave me on and boy did we rock to that. Maybe next time you are over this way you and the crew can come round and chill before you take that long journey home.

    As far as future parties are concerned, you have got me hooked, I will certainly be at the one on the 23rd (are you planning it for the whole weekend?)and i am looking forward to that already.

    Keep up the good work, it really is appreciated.

    Well we hope to keep it going till the next evening but no longer than that really. We are lightweights when it comes to doing 2 day events. The idea of packing the rig and then unpacking it at our end is too daunting. Plus we usually hire a van that has to be back by the following day or its double the cost.

    The reason the other rigs packed up at 2.30 was because 4o’clock was an agreed time by them and the police to leave. Best to keep them sweet really. They tend to be more leanient at the next gathering then.

    After party at the fRiJmeister’s sounds cool. Might have to take you up on that offer chap!

    See ya soon!

    Its no longer gonna be on the 23rd. We have had to change it for unforseen reasons. Keep in touch and i’ll tell you the new date.






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