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  • Ok so you have just been asleep in a marked out space in a dormintory with no health and safety aspects or lighting and now you are off to work for 16 hours for probaly less than 3p an hour and you arent allowed to smile or talk, you couyld recieve physical punishment if you do. No union can be formed to give you any rights and if you refuse to do any overtime without extra pay you will be punished. And if you get pregnant well forget you got no chance. These are some of the conditions in factories in the far east like in China or the Philipines where GAP and Nike products are made.

    Do you think your fellow human beings should be treated like this?

    STOP BUYING NIKE AND GAP PRODUCTS, because now you know how and where they were made, in these sickening conditions. Nike sucks and as for the Gap they are a very evil company, these two corporations arent the only ones either.

    So think before you buy!






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