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GBL / Gamma Butyrolactone: Where To Buy?

Forums Drugs GHB & GBL GBL / Gamma Butyrolactone: Where To Buy?

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  • @gammashop 475825 wrote:

    how can you pm people on here? thatguy pm me i have a source

    If you know where I can get ghb. Let me know jamjam1372at yahoo dot com.

    After reading this thread created some years ago, I’m surprised there’s still people wanting to try it despite the other users’ negative views/experiences on it

    To be fair its not all that surprising, not when you first start doing it. Its like a lot of drugs/drink demands a lot of self control, more so in fact than others. When you do a drug that has so many positives its hard to put down.

    i started doing it about three years ago and it was a cure all for me i loved it, until at the end it started doing me and it nearly did do me in proper stylee!. When i used i made sure i always had a good amount of Valium to come off it. which i did without any probs every so often. however as i was doing gbl i ran out of vals and couldnt get any more so got stuck in a vicious cycle of using it to sleep which only gave me 3 hrs of kip before i had to top up again to get back to sleep. this went on until i was topping up 2ml every hour!

    When i decided to slowly withdrawal i had all sorts of nonsense going on in me head, hallucinating hearing things etc etc. As bad as it got valium was a wonder, straight away felt normal. I got lucky i know of people that didnt.

    So i would suggest that if anyone is thinking or has decided to do it always have some valium on hand to get you out of trouble. I would of course suggest not taking it at all but i would no doubt be wasting my time as someone would be if they were advising me!

    If anyone finds themselves in trouble with gbl look up Chelsea and Westminster hospital. they specialise in gbl withdrawal.

    It can be a fantastical drug but it demands soooo much self control. Ive learnt how to deal with it but it nearly dealt with me so be careful people!

    …..oh and where can I score some quick! Lol

    Does any one know if the site is OK? I did post a thread, but can’t seem to find it now.

    @gammashop 475825 wrote:

    how can you pm people on here? thatguy pm me i have a source

    Aye up m8,

    Have you got any juice? Gbl

    Jake 07765456916 let us know wen poss dude
    Nice one

    Never done, how does the euphoria feel compared to other drugs?

    Come on guys, just throwing out sources on a public forum.. That’s what PM’s are for dammit..

    I’ve used GHB for years now and love it. Well actually only pure GHB a handful of times, usually its GBL. Like any drug mind the dose’s and you should be ok. Sadly my connection is no longer able to help me out. If anyone has a source to the US pm me please.

    How is interesting, visit site Clean and Solve com :crazy:

    hey, just moved to london from leeds (the home of SAUCE) where can i get it in london? pm me!

    @1984 394411 wrote:

    its an illegal solvent that is converted to GHB (rohypnol) in the body.

    Um yeah, GBL actually isn’t an illegal solvent in many countrys, and GHB isnt even close chemically to Rohypnol. GHB is actually naturally produced in small amounts in the human body, and in foods like wine and cheese. It’s quite pleasant (think MDMA) in small doses (but dangerous when mixed with booze due to its potentiation effect). This is why it has a bad reputation, but when it’s used intelligently, it’s a cost effective, potent aphrodisiac with no hangover, and great REM sleep. This is why GHB is illegal except when sold by prescription by 1 company (jazz pharmaceuticals) for $3000 per month, and no drug insurance companies cover it. Because Wealthy people can afford to have mind blowing sex, and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. Poor people are told that GHB is a dirty date rape drug, so they avoid it and take addictive stimulant fuck drugs (amphetamines,cocaine,etc) that keep them awake, encourage them to make poor decisions, and ruin their lives.

    Hey guys can someone please pm with the best source thy know with the highest quality. Ive been using a reliable source but the quality isn’t close to what I’ve had before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Do you have the requisite permits and Licenses supplied by your Government authorizing you to buy these chemicals? If you have them all ready and in order we can have you on your way with your Gamma Butyrolactone in less than 10 minutes usually.

    The way I have always purchased is by using declaration forms and is distributed from Poland






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Viewing 15 replies - 166 through 180 (of 184 total)
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Forums Drugs GHB & GBL GBL / Gamma Butyrolactone: Where To Buy?