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  • most of the people here have been put off GBL by reports of folks dying and even if they knew sites this place is heavily monitored by cops of all nations and they work together across borders to bust people trying to openly buy drugs on line.

    it doesn’t matter for shit if its “legal” in one country, cops and customs authorities can basically do what the fuck they want anywhere in the world to stop recreational drugs being used. If they can’t stop a shipment on drugs laws they will use health and safety laws or taxation laws instead, and it could be at either end of the chain this happens.

    we already have at least one person busted from being indiscreet on this forum and I’m sure you don’t really want to be the next…

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel ├╝ber dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.

    @jer_acura 359884 wrote:

    people die from doing to much of anything, you can die from water intox for fuck sake, and no i dont use for date rape, my girl likes the clean high it gives, i am not asking you what you think of it ,i am asking where to get

    And I am asking you why the fuck you haven’t fucked off out of this forum yet.

    @jer_acura 359884 wrote:

    i am asking where to get

    maybe this is why you are not getting any replys…

    do your own homework

    your girl likes the CLEAN high

    has she ever taken other drugs…. clean!!?

    @jer_acura 359881 wrote:

    where? that link didnt work

    oh that sites gone now

    Just for information, we have detoxed a few people (mental health ward after section because of psychotic break) and we needed to prescribe massive amounts of benzo’s to prevent fitting. most of the mental health doctors shit bricks because we were advising high doses 100mg+ of benzo’s which freaked them out.

    this gives some idea of the addictive potential of this drug, also that stopping it will make you anxious, possibly cause panic attacks, etc etc

    its not a very good drug to get hooked on, take regular breaks

    also once you have a tolerance the toxic dose is not so much more than the active dose..

    Why in the blue bloody hell would you allow your gf to take that shit?
    She is destroying her insides taking that nasty shit.






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Viewing 7 replies - 106 through 112 (of 112 total)
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Forums Drugs GHB & GBL GHB & GBL