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  • what is GHB i thought it was what happened when u kicked a granny in the face

    Playground Politics wrote:
    what is GHB i thought it was what happened when u kicked a granny in the face

    Nope P-P your thinking GBH,

    Good place to start to find info on stuff 😛

    ghb ia ok … nout special … a lid ful is enough to start you off 🙂

    are u back u crazy monkey, digi A

    I bought 100 tubs of this back in 03 it was still legal then and I got quite into as it was a cheap and quite nice buzz as long as you got the dosage right otherwise you could like happend to me wake up in the A+E room as my then wife had called the ambulance when I had taken a to large amount and in her words got abusive then started to blow raspberrys as my breathing went funny then promply fell unconcious and pissed all over the settee and could not be roused.

    when the paramedics arrived they were convinced that I had taken an OD of opiates which was understandable even thoe my wife assured them that I had not they gave me the nessesary antidote to an opiate OD which promply did fuck all and as my blood pressure was now dropping they rushed me in where I awoke with a start 4 hours later stinking of my own urine(again)

    the thing with this stuff its very hard to gauge the right amount as even in the tubs I had the strength used to vary alot from tub to tub you would take an amount that woudnt quite get you there so you would take sum more thinking that the last lot hadnt worked but as soon as you took that bit more it would all combine and BAM! you were el collapso losing control of your bodily functions also any other things you had taken(alcohol mainly )

    it exagerates the effects of but its the only stuff that I now that completly overrides base whizz when you want to sleep(which is great) I rate this stuff as long you are sensible it can hit hard but it doesnt last more than a few hours and when it wears off theres no real bad effects you feel ok you can eat an sleep but that just my opinion

    its good if you take it just before bed you get an extremly good sleep and 4hrs feels like 9 you wake up refreshed Yes I had quite a little affair wiv GHB mostly good but only after I had had the bad if you are gonna take it go easy until you find your level wiv it and dont underestimate it it can pull a few surprises on you it did on me but thats because Ive been a reckless binging idiot :hopeless: so theres no need for you to be :love:

    nice story, and are u actually a police man

    Playground Politics wrote:
    nice story, and are u actually a police man


    that tells me nothing…..nnnnnnnotttttttthing i tells ya

    You can still but GBH/GBL over the internet – ebay, as photocopier toner!

    Its vile stuff, its killing the gay scene at the moment, that and cyrstal meth

    ive lost a few evenings to it, and my friend recently died of it taking an overdose, be careful, 3-5mls is plenty

    everything seems to be killing the gays, this, meth, lions, small innuits, neo nazis, it must be sooo hard to be gay!

    it must be so hard not being funny :groucho:

    Playground Politics wrote:
    nice story, and are u actually a police man

    No I can assure you I’m not OB but then again if I was I would say I wasn’t wouldn’t I but I do find it quite enjoyable that someone would think I was bill as the bill do proper hate me with a vengence

    :love::love: :love:

    because I have been rather naughty in the past which I shall gladly hold my hands up to but what gets my back up and fucks me off every day is the fact that those cunts on 2 separate occasions (the last time included) lied and manipulated and blatently fitted me right up thats why I ain’t in the UK as I’m not doing not 1 day of time for sumthing I ain’t done.

    Clearly OB! :groucho:

    marcusblanc wrote:
    Clearly OB! :groucho:

    Cor blimey Its a fair cop guv’ner(said in a whiney cockney accent :wink:)

    Ok lads i think it’s a bit sick calling this guy OB given the story he’s just told, p.s. the info on GHB was quite good, no online seller would tell you these things.






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Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 39 total)
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