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  • Good Mood Productions – New Year 1998
    Herdade Barroca de Alva (Alcochete)

    This is the day of the year that everybody is looking forward to make a big celebration, creating by this means false expectations, but this party was an exception to that.

    The party was in a Huge farm, closed to a barn, in a big circus tent and the chill out in the barn itself, the decors was as expected Good Mood prods/Boom fest style, ie, lots of fluo stuff along with fluo mandala backdrops made by Pedro and Susana from the org.

    The party started before 11 pm with Dj Migas from Portugal, who played bouncy swedish style tracks, but the party realy started at midnight when everybody was celebrating, shouting, etc, then started playing more heavier tracks but always groovy.

    Then at 1 am came Dj Pena also from Portugal, who dat played very powerful, with lots of unreleased tracks, along with some guitar and swedish tracks which the crowd was looking forward to and retributing with a non stop frantic dance. Then, appeared a non schedule portuguese dj, Paulo by the name, resident in France and Totally Blind!!!

    He plays from dat and knows what to do with them, playing almost unreleased tracks and very danceable style (he usually plays very dark with some breakbeats, but in this day he decided correctly, since he feeled the party mood),he only played 1.45 min 🙁

    At 5 am started Sun Project live, playing their classics and some new tracks from their new album, the crowd was amazed by their style (personally I expected some more new tracks but it was very good though), great performance!!!

    Then came James Monroe, the mainman from Flying-Rhino recs, who played from cd-r, dat and vinyl with a suberb style showing all the possible forms of mixing. He played F.R. new sound direction (forthcoming releases), techno/bouncy trance very deep and hipnotic along with some other stormers.Great!!!

    Finishing up the party Dj Pena and Dj Migas played again in some sort of ping pong, both playing uplifting tracks since James M. didn´t play until the end of the party like he was suposed to(but we forgive him). Excelent work !!!

    Suberb Vibe!!! Boom Shankar Diogo, Pedro and all the Good Mood family…

    fluoparty.jpg party.jpg

    By João (Dj Pena – Flow Records) –






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