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Happy New Year all

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      ? Take care of yourself and others ?

      Thx Angel!

      I’ll see ya’ll with 20/20 vision soon.


        Happy new year for all you Party Vibe Members,
        Escpetially to

        ANGEL (Mrs Rob)
        DIGITAL BUDDAH (Diggy Bud)
        DR BUNSEN (Big Boss)
        and TRYPTAMEANIE (The Shroom)

        I hope you will try to find the envy and time to make that place living slowly again. Try to wake some other old people you used to chat with on party Vibe to come back and have some reply to a few posts again.

        Happy new year everyone (in the list Iliesse provided). I think you are all awesome and I hope your new year is as amazing as you all are. Take care and much love

        Out of interest why the fuck am I a shroom?

        iliesse brings up a good point of trying to bring old folks back we’re a few short of a party but we still have a bit of a vibe.

        Trypt do know where RaD fucked off to? He was really young to be on this site but was pretty active. Also who else comes to mind, GL or Angel might still be able to reach people from way back when.

        Hope everyone’s decade is starting well.

        Ilesse is usually right.

        RaD I miss very much, he was 15 when I met him but very bright and very interested. I knew him on facebook but due to personal circumstances I deleted my account. Would be awesome if he returned as he was a valuable member of this community.

        DB, I hope you have a phenomenal decade ahead also


          The friend i had who introducer me to pv have died of cancer, some have moved and others moved on because they have grown up or Are in jobs or relationships where the sourrondings don’t accept their old way of living ?
          Some don’t have time anymore and some just forgot all about this place. Some have stoppe by but haven’t been able to work out how this forum works and just moved on ?

          Happy new year everyone!

          I did think its a big shame young Josh (josh96320) and Damo666 don’t visit here any more because they both live nearby and I regularly drive to their town but I think Damo’s kid is in highschool now, Josh is in his late 20s or early 30s now and has a good job and the laws have changed in my country since 2015 so there are *loads* of traffic checkpoints against DUI and speeding – everyone has to obey them if they want to keep their driving licence (I think this now makes a big difference to the kind of people who are willing to take the risk of driving to and from any kind of “rave type” event)

          You know it’s bad when 2 mods say that people grew up or got responsibilities or died. Hardly reassuring words for the longevity of the community.

          Also, if you find kids too time consuming, try having a gay son, they’re easy and no trouble at all lol


            [quote quote=1261960]Out of interest why the fuck am I a shroom?[/quote]

            Because you are appering no one know where and when, and what can you have been else than a psylo mushroom in your past life. you need triptamines to survive 😉

            Thats how I was seeing you, but now I see you more like a Ghost

            I’m sure it’s be mushroom season again very soon





          Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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