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Has MDMA affected YOUR life? Passionate about It?

Forums Drugs Drugs Research, Drugs Studies & Media Requests Has MDMA affected YOUR life? Passionate about It?

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    As I understand it there were a few reasons for it being delayed. It’s now changed from a Live OB broadcast from the research facility carrying out the legal trials, to a live studio show with largely pre-filmed footage from the trials and beyond.

    Thanks for your notes about the PM facility. I was wondering how I could do that…

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    that change would make sense as there would be clear ethical issues with showing a live TX of people taking class A drugs even as part of a “medical trial” on a channel popular with children and young people, and its spelled out in black and white on the Ofcom programme code that glorifying drug use isn’t on. Also historically live broadcasts on ‘yoof’ channels are associated with “entertaintment” strands such as the Tube, the Word etc (@Alison – if you are too young to remember these ask some older people at your work :laugh_at: )

    Even this forum, though anti-prohibition, discusses both the good and bad sides of drug taking and we are not above the law either – and thus take steps to ensure our resources are not misused for illegal drug sales (as opposed to frank discussion about drugs).

    you need a certain number of posts to get the PMs. That said for everyones benefit including yours I would strongly suggest you use your corporate email facility to contact folk with like Daniel has done (as he would not have had PM access either). Especially if the show is flagged for a compliance audit by C4 or even Ofcom either now or in the future, as we do not have the monitoring facilities for PM’s to ensure policy compliance that a corporate email system would.

    folk from the Murdoch rags/media are quite rightly being brought to judgement for incorrect practices, but this means a stronger interrogation lamp will be shone on all media folk (perhaps rightly so), best to be prepared.

    Auch wenn du am Abgrund stehst, und gar nichts mehr verstehst,
    wachen Engel über dich, halten dich im Licht und lassen dich nie fallen.
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    @!sinner69! 458527 wrote:

    The thing is they cant blame it on mdma as long we do not have proper control on the substance, it can be anything and totally polluted made in a back yard somewhere. It will be like you buy a copy rolex and when it fucks up U blame the rolex factory for that…

    thats probably the best way i’ve heard it descibed. cheers!

    Hi there great to see there is someone who wants to report all sides of MDMA. I have a lot to say on tis.

    Ok I wud first want to touch on my belief that MDMA cured my Depression. Just over a year ago now I went through a very weird horrible part of my life everything was tits up bad n I was suffering from Serious Depression…. I would cry everynight and literally wanted to die (came close of popping pills) … Now I used to be the happiest person on the planet n as far as everyone knows I still was but I wasn’t I was hiding my pain! I was sufferin from depression n Depersonalization…. it was like I wasn’t me… cudnt understand anything socially felt paranoid n nervous literally all the time. I got to the stage wen I couldnt even talk or start a coverstation with any1 apart frm few close mates n my bf. Even then it wasn’t what I wanted to say…

    Then one night go round my mates for few drinks, a week before a big party n they all wanna try MDMA so they know what they may experience the next week.

    I thought fuk it… what hav i got lose….. WELLL JESUS its was incredible it was like it kicked me back to reality…. I was sooooo happy… everything made sense…. My brain starting working again, I cud think, talk not feel embrassed of the pointless shit I used to be worried about (when your depressed feels like nothing works, that brain doesnt even know what to say)

    Now I obviously experienced the afterglow for a few days but I was myself again… ideas, love for life. It was me back…

    Now this was over 8 months ago… i have done MDMA a few times since but I have NEVER gone back to that pathetic being I had become.

    I have a strong belief MDMA kick me out of my mental state… I was literally at a point I was going to put myself in mental insitute!

    Obviously I don’t claim mdma is wholely to thank as I did have people around me… But anyone who has been through major depression will understand it doesn’t matter who is there or how much they reassure you they don’t know what your mind is playing at!!

    Sorry this was long…. I have a lot more tooo!!! lol







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Forums Drugs Drugs Research, Drugs Studies & Media Requests Has MDMA affected YOUR life? Passionate about It?