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  • What has happened? The forum seems to have died out. Who’s still about? 🙂

    I still post here now and then and Angel is still around – a lot of folk seem to struggle with the WordPress based UI (as its more a thing for blogs than forums) and one version was laggy but Dr B is doing a lot of work behind the scenes to make it smoother/easier to use.

    I suspect though the 2016 UK ban on “research chemicals” and political changes in USA don’t help either, as folk have also become more wary of discussing drugs or other controversial subjects online

    I’m still here too of course. And so others too. All it needs is for a few people to post a little more regularly again to get things going. And I don’t know what people find so confusing about wordpress. If you knew how much less trouble under the hood this software is over that pile of shite vBulletin you’d understand why I made the change…

    Good to see you two around, this forum use to be buzzing! Where is poly!

    Been a long time man, haven’t been on for years, just thought I’d have a quick look and remember you man, we used to chat a fair bit back in the day, doubt I’ll be on here much if at all. Be good to talk to a couple of people though, before I depart, can’t be bothered with certain twisted tales. Hope all are well.

    Yeah i’m back from my five year long dirty trip down the dirty junky river again although don’t think we crossed paths. Ez matey i’m log. i love techno, rigs and good lolcanos


      I sometimes lurk around, but not as often as earlier. Have a rather busy schedule and not enough time.
      Welcome back guys ?
      Actually chattet to an old partyvibe girlfriend earlier today. Been years since we have chatted last time. Have thought about her often so that was really really nice ?

      I miss this site, it use to be so good for so many different things! – What happened?

      I’m a just copy and paste this shit from the .com version of this site…

      Man, it must be something daft like 10 years since I last posted on this site. a regular I used to be, chin wagging with GL, Daftvader, Poly, Tank Girl and the rest. I was thinking of a crazy drug / rave story earlier today and remembered I once posted the events up on here – low and behold I remembered my old password.

      This post here, it’s gonna disappear down the pages. But fuck it, I’ll make it anyroad and will come back (probably in another 10 years) to see who’s replied.

      So what’s happened to you all since?

      I left you guys soon after my move to Kangarooland me thinks. Fucking best time of my life that, spent three years there and many a bush party before running around Asia for a bit. I’ve been back home 4 years now, working on the railway, which means with their no drugs or alcohol policy it pretty much put an end to my rave days. Life’s good! I’m 35, no kids, recently moved to Manchester and still generally loving life. I miss the old days, all of it, the parties, the unknown on a night out, the randoms, the sense that you truly belong to a culture that is something special, going to a part of London or wherever trying to find a locations with some dodgy voicemail to guide you. It was a blast man and I wouldn’t have changed any of it.

      If you see this, say hello!






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    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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